12. Install the new kernel

I like to configure lilo on my own, but do whatever tickles your fancy.

  • cd /usr/src

  • dpkg -i kernel-image-<version>.<date>_10.00.Custom_i386.deb At this point I decline all the lilo updates and configure it myself by hand.

  • configure lilo by hand: vi /etc/lilo.conf

  • load the new kernel into lilo: lilo

  • If you have any other deb files for your modules you should install them now as well. If you're not sure check /usr/src for additional .deb files.

NoteKernel compile help

For non-Debian instructions see the Appendix "Appendix B".

For more information on how to compile the kernel The Debian Way please read Creating custom kernels with Debian's kernel-package system

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