A.3. Software which has Bangla rendering support

Rendering of the Bangla script is a complex job, especially when one has to be within the Unicode limits. Hence, the technology behind Bangla rendering is considered to be quite "bleeding edge", and only the latest software support it. For example, Bangla text rendering support is there only in the latest Qt toolkit (Qt 3.2) which is used for KDE and Pango, which is the text rendering/layout engine of GTK 2. Pango 1.1.1 and above has a seperate module for Bangla. In addition to that, in the Free Software world, Yudit can render Bangla text correctly. However, the situation is improving slowly, and in the near future, we will probably see Bangla rendering in Mozilla, OpenOffice, etc. In fact, the beta version of OpenOffice (at the time of writing) has partial support for Bangla - however, it still has some serious problems with the split vowel signs. Starting from version 3.2.0, KDE applications (will) officially support Bangla rendering too.

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