3. Assumptions

We have made some assumptions related to working directories and mounting points which we would like to mention before listing the entire procedure for putting Linux on DiskOnChip.

  • We will perform all the compilation in /usr/src of the host machine so downloading of the necessary files must be done into that directory.

  • All the commands listed are executed assuming /usr/src as the present working directory.

  • We will mount the DiskOnChip partition on /mnt/doc.

  • The names of the directories will be exactly the same as the files that have been downloaded so the document will give the actual path as were created on the host system.

  • DiskOnChip and DOC have been used interchangeably to mean M-Systems DiskOnChip 2000 TSOP.

  • The DOS utilities have been downloaded and saved in a Windows partition directory.

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