A.1. Data Sheet

This data sheet is intended to be filled out by users when they arrive at the reception area.

Installfest Data Sheet

This form is for your benefit! It will help you and anyone who works on your computer to make reasonable decisions. Please complete one form per computer. If you don't know the answer now, just wait until you do.

Your name: ______________________________________________________

CPU type: __________________________________ speed: ________ megahertz / gigahertz

RAM: _________ megabytes

Hard drive 1: ______gigabytes 2: ______gigabytes 3: ______gigabytes 4: ______gigabytes

Video card: ____________________________

Monitor: ______________________________

Sound card: __________________________________________

Does this computer have (circle all that apply):

  • CD or CD-RW drive

  • DVD

  • floppy drive

  • network interface

  • modem / winmodem

  • printer

  • other: _________________________________________

Which of these do you want to do:

  1. Install Linux:

    What distribution? ____________________________

    Do you need disks? Yes / No

  2. Fix one or more specific problems with an installation of Linux:

    What distribution is installed? __________________

    List the software tool(s) and/or hardware that you need help fixing: __________________________________________

  3. Other, please explain:____________________________

Do you want to (circle one):

  1. Dual-boot Linux and an already-installed OS?

    What is the name of other O.S.? ______________________

  2. Install Linux as the only O.S.?

  3. Install multiple Linux distributions?

What do you want to use the computer for? (circle all that apply)

  • Internet access and usage

  • learn Linux

  • firewall

  • server

  • writing documents

  • music/image storage

  • other (please explain):

What is your skill level with (circle all that apply):

  1. Linux/Unix:


    rookie beginner




  2. computer hardware:


    rookie beginner




  3. ______________________ :


    rookie beginner




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