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Andrea Controzzi,

v2.1, 12 March 1998

This HOWTO will hopefully let you build and use a Parallel Line Interface Protocol.


This is a new release. There are many changes and lots of enhancements, but there will be still grammar and spelling errors (english is not my native language) and, unlikely but possible, some wrong or outdated info. PLEASE let me know about any errors to help me provide the correct information for everybody.

The biggest changes in the release are:

  • SGML format
  • a general answer to the "PLIP with win95" most asked question (the answer is negative, sorry)
  • bigger and better FAQ section (thanks to the reports of countless users: many of them will find their comments there, as I promised!)
  • removal of the Quick PLIP Installation files, that was useless and outdated.
  • updated Dos-Linux PLIP link addendum

For any question, error correction, comment and/or suggestion, my E-Mail address is: Feel free to mail me any time you need help. Sometimes I won't answer immediately, but I'll answer. If it happens that you don't receive anything from me after 2 weeks, this means that our mail system has trouble: do not hesitate to mail me again, it's my duty to help you. I can guarantee I'll solve your problems, but I'll try. If after many mails you don't receive answer, check your return address. Several times my answers did not arrive due to delivery problems, usually because the return address was root@myhost.

Before sending mail read the FAQ, my answer to a question already present in the FAQ will not be better (but likely worse or less complete) than the answer you can already read.

For questions about PLIP with DOS and Win95 please send mail to the authors of these chapters, I can't help you.

First of all, a lot of technical information come from the net-2-HOWTO, by Terry Dawson. This mini-HOWTO is not supposed to cover other aspects and/or replace the net-2-HOWTO: my goal is to give you a way to install a PLIP permanent connection quickly, *ONLY* this. All the other info come from my personal experience and the help of many users that sent me comments and information.

Read the net-2-HOWTO and the other docs for the general information about the network and the config files I suggest to change.

1. Introduction: what is PLIP and why should I use it?

2. Hardware required to use PLIP.

3. Reconfigure the kernel.

4. Kernel messages about the PLIP interface.

5. Setting up the configuration files.

6. Activate the PLIP link.

7. FAQ.

8. Patches to make PLIP and LP live together.

9. A PLIP link between DOS and Linux

10. PLIP between Linux and Windows 95.

11. Questions? Comments? Send me feedback.

12. Where to find new releases of this mini-howto.

13. Credits.

14. Copyright message.

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