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1. About this document

This is the Linux VAR HOWTO. It contains a listing of service companies which do not manufacture hardware or create packaged software, but add value to existing products. This added value can take many forms, such as installation of Linux on computer hardware, configuration, or custom applications. However, at the moment the Linux VAR HOWTO only contains companies selling preconfigured hardware for the purpose of running Linux. Companies offering other services are invited to contact the maintainer at for a listing.

If you contact any companies listed in this document, please mention the Linux VAR HOWTO.

If you need to know more about the Linux Documentation Project or about Linux HOWTO's, feel free to contact the supervisor Tim Bynum <>.

Tim Bynum will post the listing to several national and international newsgroups on a monthly basis. In addition, the Linux VAR HOWTO can be found on the World Wide Web at New versions of the Linux VAR HOWTO are always placed at this site first, so please be sure to check if the copy you are reading is still up to date!

Companies selling hardware for the purpose of running Linux are invited to fill out the form located at . Companies offering other services should so a more appropriate template can be worked out.

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