Nvidia OpenGL Configuration mini-HOWTO

Robert B Easter


Revision History
Revision v1.102002-01-31Revised by: rbe

This mini-HOWTO is about how to install the OpenGL drivers for Nvidia graphics cards on Linux. In addition to just installing the Nvidia drivers, this mini-HOWTO also explains how to install XFree86, the OpenGL Utility library (part of Mesa), the OpenGL Utility Toolkit (glut), the full set of OpenGL manpages, Qt and its OpenGL extension, and Java and its Java 3D extension so that a user can have a complete runtime and development environment for OpenGL applications on Linux.

Note that some of this material may be out of date. The author has attempted to update this material but has not had time to test all the procedures. Nevertheless, this document should still provide a decent overview of what is involved. If you spot errors please contact the author.

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