10. Linux in the laboratory

Again this is a section where I have zero experience and hope someone will with experience will contribute towards making this document better. However, I provide below links suggested by Sambaran Pahari and Deepak Gupta. These links seem to be very good from my inexperienced viewpoint.

  • The Linux Lab Project A site for "Linux Lab Project."..everything to do with laboratory process, process control, automation and data acquisition on Linux. As the above link says, "The Linux lab project is intended to help people with development of data collection and process control software for LINUX. It is planned to provide a standardized development environment for a wide variety of applications from hardware support to application development".

  • Linux Parallel port drivers: The above link says, "If you have a parallel port device and would like to know if there is a Linux driver available for it --then this is the place to look". Sounds like a confident claim.

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