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8. Setting a Linux section in a DOS partition

Umsdos has some use even for Ext2 (Native Linux file-system) users. One common scenario is this:

  • Linux being your OS of choice, the Linux partition start to fill and fill and fill.
  • Your DOS partition is collecting dust, being half empty.
  • You are suddenly out of space in the Ext2 partition.
  • You are still not sure you want to get rid of DOS.

Umsdos may save the day here. You can setup a Linux directory in the DOS partition and use it without restriction for Linux usage. For example, say you want to setup a new directory named "extra" in your C: drive. And you want this directory to behave as a normal Linux directory. Do this (assuming that C: is /dev/hda1).

        mkdir /c
        /sbin/mount -t umsdos /dev/hda1 /c
        mkdir /c/extra
        umssync /c/extra

You must be root to do this.

By setting up /etc/fstab like this, you will always have access to the /c/extra directory.

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