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22. Thanks and Credits.

  • I would like to thank among other people:
    • Werner Heuser <> for the work he has done maintaining his Laptop-HOWTO
    • The people of the Wearable mailing list which proved to be very informative and open minded.
    • My friend Manu Coutris for his never ending patience and kindness.
    • "Old Crocodile" Virgile for his wyse and smart advices.
    • The people of the Wearable community whose discussion and web sites strengthen my confidence in the wearable concept.
    • Professor Steve Mann for his patience and for beeing one of the pionners in the Wearable Computing field. I also wish to thank him for the wearcompdef, wearcompfaq and wristwatch wearable links.
  • The The Sulawesi project. section is written by Neill Newman <>
  • The CLI only. section is written by Manu Coutris <>

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