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1. Introduction

The Iomega ZIP drive is a popular, removable media disk drive. It is avaliable in several versions.

  • Parallel Port
  • SCSI
  • Plus
The most popular seems to be the Parallel port version. It has been around a long time and it is low cost. The SCSI version has also been around for a while but it needs a scsi card that many people do not have already, so it it not quite as popular. The ATAPI version now seems to be more available. The Plus is the newer version of the ZIP drive. It has the capability to detect what port its plugged into, scsi or parallel. This document will focus on the Parallel port version, but also offer some tips for other versions.

This document incorporates information collected and published by others, in particular:

  • Grant Guenther,
  • Scot Wilcoxon,
  • Joe Mack,
  • Byron Jeff,

I thank them for their important contributions, and accept responsibility for any errors that I have introduced.

A special thanks to Grant Guenther who wrote the 0.26 version of the ppa program and also wrote the original version of this HOWTO. If you find any mistakes or oversights in this document, please let me know.

1.1 Home of this document

The most current version of this document will reside at

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