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Versio v.2.0.292005-01-05Revised by: am
Changed the license to dual GPL and GFDL. OpenOffice in Finnish in Debian. Language corrections. More verbose "why fi-latin[19] and not fi?".
Versio v.2.0.282004-11-23Revised by: am
Fixed broken link to
Versio v.2.0.272004-11-19Revised by: am
How to use comma instead of dot in floating point numbers with tex.
Versio v.2.0.262004-10-19Revised by: am
"Scandinavian letters do not work in program foo. What should I do?"
Versio v.2.0.252004-08-26Revised by: am
SuSE and UTF-8.
Versio v.2.0.242004-08-11Revised by: am
Clearer fi-latin[19] section. Removed obsolete Fixed the broken Euro Character mini-HOWTO link. Better explanation for LC_ALL.
Versio v.2.0.232004-03-10Revised by: am
Updated the tcsh section.
Versio v.2.0.222004-03-03Revised by: am
Removed "export" from Debian /etc/environment.
Versio v.2.0.212003-11-24Revised by: am
lang="fi" attribute to the book element. Language corrections.
Versio v.2.0.202003-01-09Revised by: am
Debian needs xfonts-.*-transcoded packages in order to work properly.
Versio v.2.0.192002-12-29Revised by: am
Added RH 8.1 beta and recode example to UTF-8 chapter.
Versio v.2.0.182002-11-27Revised by: am
loadkeys no more uses the exact file name but fi-latin1. fi-latin9 keymap is now mentioned. Added LC_PAPER to locales section.
Versio v.2.0.172002-11-27Revised by: am
Fixed emacs euro support.
Versio v.2.0.162002-11-27Revised by: am
Red Hat 8 UTF-8 support.
Versio v.2.0.152002-05-09Revised by: am
Added a DocBook XSL tag - because I want to try AxKit on Finnish HOWTO page.
Versio v.2.0.142002-05-03Revised by: am
Less obscure description of dead keys in X.
Versio v.2.0.132002-04-09Revised by: am
Less obscure description of LC_MESSAGES. Fixed an XML structure error in the locales table. Fixed the forgotten bookinfo date.
Versio v2.0.122002-04-06Revised by: am
More irc stuff. Added set convert-meta off to readline section. Updated Debian specific information to Debian 3.0. More keymap stuff. Removed Red Hat 5.2 stuff. Changed the example locales to fi_FI@euro. Added KDE, Gnome and Emacs to the Euro section. Added fi_FI@euro to the elm section. Added the Debian 3.0 way of locales to the locales section.
Versio v2.0.112002-02-24Revised by: am
More Euro-support links, updated the KDE link. Added "convert-meta off" to bash.
Versio v2.0.102001-10-04Revised by: am
Fixed emacsen on console.
Versio v2.0.92001-10-04Revised by: am
Fixed title of elm-ME+ title from elm to elm-ME+
Versio v2.0.82001-09-26Revised by: am
Corrected the erraneous revhistory order.
Versio v2.0.72001-09-26Revised by: am
Fixed a typo in euro support.
Versio v2.0.62001-09-26Revised by: am
Added euro support.
Versio v2.0.52001-09-14Revised by: am
Fixed locale example. Fixed some typos. Fixed some mark-up errors. Added irc and elm-me+
Versio v2.0.42001-07-18Revised by: am
Completely rewritten.


This document describes how to localize GNU/Linux for Finnish users and is intended to replace Pekka Taipale's original Finnish-HOWTO which has not been updated for some time. This document derives from original Finnish HOWTO and more importantly from the Danish-HOWTO by Niels Kristian Bech Jensen.

Language of the HOWTO is Finnish. Non-Finnish users should consult Danish HOWTO which is not in Danish but in English.

Luettelo tauluista
6-1. Lokaalit
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