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1. Introduction

Any language setup, other than the original American English, has two issues:

  1. Displaying the right characters (fonts) - for Hebrew it's ISO-8859-8 standard.
  2. Mapping the keyboard.

There is much more to Hebrew than that (like right to left, geometry in X-Windows,etc), but this HOWTO (at least for the first draft) deals only with the basic issues.

More information can be found in the various "national" HOWTOs (German, Danish, etc.) and in the ISO 8859-1 HOWTO ( FAQ-ISO-8859-1).

1.1 Changes.

  • FIRST DRAFT to 0.2.

    Most of this file is taken from the first draft by Vlad Moseanu.

  • 0.2 to 0.3Beta.

    Added excerpts from documents from the archive from, and some bug fixes with the help of JCT Linux-il group members.

  • 0.3Beta to 0.4.

    After the first release of the Hebrew-HOWTO to the Linux-il it contain all the E-mail send to me regarding spelling/grammer and Tex-Xet, Mule and Vim info.

1.2 Thanks

This HOWTO prepared by the help of all the group: Linux-il - 'The Israeli Linux users group' and especially by:

The Linux-il group (

Vlad Moseanu (

Gili Granot (

Harvey J. Stein (

Dovie Adler (

Gavrie Philipson (

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