7. Controllers (hard drive)

Enhanced IDE (EIDE) interfaces are supported, including support for UDMA and ATA/33, ATA/66, and so on for some controllers and compatible drives. Linux will detect these IDE interfaces:

  • CMD-640 (Support for buggy interfaces in kernel 2.2)

  • RZ1000 (Support for buggy interfaces in kernel 2.2)

  • AEC62XX

  • ALI M15x3

  • AMD Viper

  • CY82C693

  • Cyrix CS5530 MediaGX

  • HPT34X

  • HPT366

  • Intel PIIXn

  • NS87415

  • OPTi 82C621

  • Promise PDC20246/PDC20262/PDC20267

  • ServerWorks OSB4

  • SiS5513

  • SLC90E66

  • Tekram TRM290


  • DTC 2278D

  • FGI/Holtek HT-6560B VLB (Support for secondary interface in kernel 2.2)

  • Triton I (82371FB) (with busmaster DMA)

  • Triton II (82371SB) (with busmaster DMA)

  • ALI M14xx

  • Promise DC4030

  • QDI QD6580

  • UMC 8672

Please see the IDE RAID controller section for information on IDE controllers with hardware RAID support.

Linux will work with standard IDE, MFM and RLL controllers. When using MFM/RLL controllers it is important to use ext2fs and the bad block checking options when formatting the disk.

ESDI controllers that emulate the ST-506 (MFM/RLL/IDE) interface will also work. The bad block checking comment also applies to these controllers.

Generic 8 bit XT controllers also work.

7.1. Alpha, Beta drivers

  • UMC 8672 interfaces (experimental in kernel 2.2)

  • Promise DC4030VL caching interface card (experimental support in kernel 2.2)

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