21. Mice

21.1. Supported

  • Microsoft serial mouse

  • Mouse Systems serial mouse

  • Logitech Mouseman serial mouse

  • Logitech serial mouse

  • ATI XL Inport busmouse

  • C&T 82C710 (QuickPort) (Toshiba, TI Travelmate)

  • Microsoft busmouse

  • Logitech busmouse

  • PS/2 (auxiliary device) mouse

21.2. Alpha, Beta drivers

21.3. Notes

Touchpad devices like Alps Glidepoint also work, so long they're compatible with another mouse protocol.

Newer Logitech mice (except the Mouseman) use the Microsoft protocol and all three buttons do work. Eventhough Microsoft's mice have only two buttons, the protocol allows three buttons.

The mouse port on the ATI Graphics Ultra and Ultra Pro use the Logitech busmouse protocol. (See the Busmouse HOWTO for details.)

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