29. Appendix A. Supported Parallel Port devices

More and more, the parallel port is used to connect other devices than printers. To support this parallel port drivers are written for the devicesto work. This appendix presents devices for which parallel port support is written.

To be clear: printers are not presented in this appendix as they are not supported by parallel port support projects.

Also, check the Linux Parallel Port support pages for more information here. Here you can find

  • paride subsystem for parallel port IDE devices ( here)

  • support for parallel port SCSI devices ( here)

29.1. Ethernet

  • Accton EtherPocket adapter

  • AT-Lan-Tec/RealTek parallel port ethernet adapter

  • D-Link DE600/DE620 parallel port ethernet adapter

29.2. Hard drives

  • H45 Quick HD

  • KingByte IDE/ATAPI disks

  • KT Technologies PHd portable hard disk

  • MicroSolutions backpack hard-drives

  • SyQuest EZ-135

  • SyQuest EZ-230

  • SyQuest SparQ

  • ValueStor external hard-drive

29.3. Tape drives

  • Hewlett-Packard Colorado Tracker 250 tape drive (all except the T1000e)

  • Hewlett-Packard HP Colorado 5GB tape drive

  • Iomega Ditto tape drive

  • MicroSolutions backpack 8000t, 8000td tape drives

29.4. CD-ROM drives

  • Freecom Power CD

  • Freecom Traveller CD-ROM

  • H45 Quick CD

  • Hewlett-Packard HP 7100e/7200e CD-R

  • KingByte IDE/ATAPI CD-ROMs

  • MicroSolutions backpack CD-ROM. Models 163550 and later are supported by the paride driver. For models 160550 and 162550 seperate drivers are availavble.

  • MicroSolutions backpack PD/CD drive

  • SyQuest SyJet

29.5. Removable drives

  • Avatar Shark 250

  • Imation Superdisk

  • Iomega ZIP, ZIP Plus drives

29.6. IDE Adapter

  • Arista ParaDrive products

  • DataStor Commuter disks

  • Fidelity International Technologies TransDisk products

  • Freecom IQ Cable Parallel

  • Shuttle Technology EPAT/EPEZ parallel port IDE adapter

  • Shuttle Technology EPIA parallel port IDE adapter

29.7. SCSI Adapters

  • Adaptec APA-348 mini-SCSI plus adapter cable Driver available at here

  • Adaptec APA-358 mini-SCSI EPP adapter cable Driver available at here

  • Shuttle Technology EPSA-2 parallel port SCSI adapter Driver available at here

  • Shuttle Technology EPST parallel port SCSI adapter Driver available at here

29.8. Digital Camera

  • Connectix QuickCam

29.9. PCMCIA parallel port cards

The parport_cs driver requires kernel 2.2.x or later

  • Quatech SPP-100

  • IOtech DBK35, WBK20A

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