23. Printers/Plotters

The following is a list of printers from the linuxprinting.org database. See their web site and the Linux Printing HOWTO for more information.

ManufacturerModel NumberFunctionality
AlpsMD-1000Works perfectly
AlpsMD-1300Works perfectly
AlpsMD-1500Works mostly
AlpsMD-2000Works perfectly
AlpsMD-2010Works perfectly
AlpsMD-2300Works perfectly
AlpsMD-4000Works mostly
AlpsMD-5000Works perfectly
AlpsMD-5500Works mostly
AnitechM24Works perfectly
ApolloP-1200Works perfectly
ApolloP-1220 BarbieWorks perfectly
ApolloP-1250Works perfectly
ApolloP-2100Works perfectly
ApolloP-2150Works perfectly
ApolloP-2200Works perfectly
ApolloP-2250Works perfectly
ApolloP-2500Works perfectly
ApolloP-2550Works perfectly
ApolloP-2600Works perfectly
ApolloP-2650Works perfectly
AppleColor StyleWriter 1500Works mostly
AppleColor StyleWriter 2200Works mostly
AppleColor StyleWriter 2400Works mostly
AppleColor StyleWriter 2500Works mostly
AppleColor StyleWriter 4100Works mostly
AppleColor StyleWriter 4500Works mostly
AppleColor StyleWriter 6500Works mostly
AppleDot MatrixWorks perfectly
AppleImageWriterWorks perfectly
AppleImageWriter IIWorks mostly
AppleImageWriter LQWorks perfectly
AppleLaserWriter 12/640psWorks perfectly
AppleLaserWriter 16/600Works perfectly
AppleLaserWriter 4/600Works perfectly
AppleLaserWriter IINTXWorks perfectly
AppleLaserWriter IIgWorks perfectly
AppleLaserWriter NTWorks mostly
AppleLaserWriter Pro 630Works perfectly
AppleLaserWriter Select 360Works perfectly
AppleStyleWriter 1200Works mostly
AppleStyleWriter IWorks mostly
AppleStyleWriter IIWorks mostly
AveryPersonal Label PrinterWorks mostly
AveryPersonal Label Printer+Works perfectly
Brother4550None - Paperweight
BrotherDCP-1200Works partially
BrotherDCP-8045DWorks perfectly
BrotherHJ-400Works mostly
BrotherHL-1020Works perfectly
BrotherHL-1030Works mostly
BrotherHL-1040Works perfectly
BrotherHL-1050Works mostly
BrotherHL-1060Works mostly
BrotherHL-1070Works perfectly
BrotherHL-10VWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-10hWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-1230Works mostly
BrotherHL-1240Works mostly
BrotherHL-1250Works perfectly
BrotherHL-1260Works perfectly
BrotherHL-1270NWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-1430Works perfectly
BrotherHL-1435None - Paperweight
BrotherHL-1440Works perfectly
BrotherHL-1450Works perfectly
BrotherHL-1470NWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-1650Works perfectly
BrotherHL-1660eWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-1670NWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-1850Works perfectly
BrotherHL-1870NWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-2060Works perfectly
BrotherHL-2400CeNWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-2460Works perfectly
BrotherHL-2460NWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-2600CNWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-3260NWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-3400CNWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-3450CNWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-4000CNWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-4VeWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-5030Works perfectly
BrotherHL-5040Works perfectly
BrotherHL-5050Works perfectly
BrotherHL-5070NWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-5140Works perfectly
BrotherHL-5150DWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-5170DNWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-630Works perfectly
BrotherHL-660Works perfectly
BrotherHL-7050Works perfectly
BrotherHL-7050NWorks perfectly
BrotherHL-720Works perfectly
BrotherHL-730Works perfectly
BrotherHL-760Works perfectly
BrotherHL-8Works perfectly
BrotherHL-820Works perfectly
BrotherHL-960Works perfectly
BrotherMC-3000Works partially
BrotherMFC 7150CWorks partially
BrotherMFC-4350Works partially
BrotherMFC-6550MCWorks partially
BrotherMFC-8300Works partially
BrotherMFC-9050Works partially
BrotherMFC-9100cWorks partially
BrotherMFC-9500Works partially
BrotherMFC-9600Works partially
BrotherMFC-P2500Works partially
BrotherMP-21CNone - Paperweight
BrotherPT-1500PCWorks partially
BrotherPT-18RWorks partially
BrotherPT-1950Works partially
BrotherPT-1950VPWorks partially
BrotherPT-1960Works partially
BrotherPT-2420PCWorks partially
BrotherPT-2450DXWorks partially
BrotherPT-2500PCWorks partially
BrotherPT-2600Works partially
BrotherPT-2610Works partially
BrotherPT-3600Works partially
BrotherPT-550AWorks partially
BrotherPT-9200DXWorks partially
BrotherPT-9200PCWorks partially
BrotherPT-9400Works partially
BrotherPT-9500PCWorks partially
BrotherPT-9600Works partially
BrotherPT-PCNone - Paperweight
BrotherQL-500Works mostly
BrotherQL-550Works mostly
BrotherQL-650TDWorks mostly
CItohM8510Works perfectly
CalCompArtisan 1023 penplotterWorks perfectly
CanonBJ-100Works perfectly
CanonBJ-10eWorks perfectly
CanonBJ-10vWorks perfectly
CanonBJ-15vWorks perfectly
CanonBJ-20Works perfectly
CanonBJ-200Works perfectly
CanonBJ-30Works perfectly
CanonBJ-300Works partially
CanonBJ-330Works perfectly
CanonBJ-35vWorks perfectly
CanonBJ-5Works perfectly
CanonBJC-1000Works mostly
CanonBJC-2000Works mostly
CanonBJC-2010Works mostly
CanonBJC-210Works perfectly
CanonBJC-2100Works mostly
CanonBJC-210SPWorks partially
CanonBJC-2110Works mostly
CanonBJC-240Works mostly
CanonBJC-250Works perfectly
CanonBJC-250exWorks perfectly
CanonBJC-255SPWorks perfectly
CanonBJC-265SPWorks perfectly
CanonBJC-3000Works mostly
CanonBJC-4000Works perfectly
CanonBJC-4100Works perfectly
CanonBJC-4200Works perfectly
CanonBJC-4300Works perfectly
CanonBJC-4310SPWorks mostly
CanonBJC-4400Works perfectly
CanonBJC-4550Works perfectly
CanonBJC-50Works mostly
CanonBJC-5000None - Paperweight
CanonBJC-5100None - Paperweight
CanonBJC-55Works mostly
CanonBJC-600Works perfectly
CanonBJC-6000Works mostly
CanonBJC-610Works perfectly
CanonBJC-6100Works partially
CanonBJC-620Works perfectly
CanonBJC-6200Works partially
CanonBJC-6500Works partially
CanonBJC-680JWorks perfectly
CanonBJC-70Works perfectly
CanonBJC-7000Works partially
CanonBJC-7004Works mostly
CanonBJC-7100Works partially
CanonBJC-80Works mostly
CanonBJC-800Works perfectly
CanonBJC-8200Works mostly
CanonBJC-85Works mostly
CanonBJC-8500None - Paperweight
CanonBJC-880JWorks perfectly
CanonCP-100Works mostly
CanonCP-200Works mostly
CanonCP-220Works mostly
CanonCP-300Works mostly
CanonCP-330Works mostly
CanonGP 335Works perfectly
CanonGP 405Works perfectly
CanonLBP-1000Works perfectly
CanonLBP-1120Works mostly
CanonLBP-1260Works perfectly
CanonLBP-1760Works perfectly
CanonLBP-310Works perfectly
CanonLBP-320 ProWorks perfectly
CanonLBP-350Works perfectly
CanonLBP-4+Works perfectly
CanonLBP-430Works perfectly
CanonLBP-460Works mostly
CanonLBP-470Works perfectly
CanonLBP-4UWorks perfectly
CanonLBP-4sxWorks mostly
CanonLBP-600None - Paperweight
CanonLBP-660Works mostly
CanonLBP-800None - Paperweight
CanonLBP-810Works mostly
CanonLBP-8A1Works perfectly
CanonLIPS-II+Works perfectly
CanonLIPS-IIIWorks perfectly
CanonLIPS-IVWorks perfectly
CanonLIPS-IVvWorks perfectly
CanonMultiPASS C2500Works partially
CanonMultiPASS C3000Works partially
CanonMultiPASS C3500Works partially
CanonMultiPASS C5000Works partially
CanonMultiPASS C5500Works partially
CanonMultipass L6000None - Paperweight
CanonS100Works mostly
CanonS200None - Paperweight
CanonS300Works partially
CanonS400Works mostly
CanonS450Works partially
CanonS4500Works partially
CanonS500Works partially
CanonS600Works partially
CanonS630Works partially
CanonS800Works partially
CanonSELPHY-CP-400Works mostly
CanonSELPHY-CP-500Works mostly
CanonSELPHY-CP-510Works mostly
CanonSELPHY-CP-600Works mostly
CanonSELPHY-CP-710Works mostly
CanoniP4000Works mostly
CanonimageRunner 330sWorks mostly
CasioKL-E11Works mostly
CasioKL-P1000Works mostly
CasioKP-C10Works mostly
CitizenProJet IIWorks perfectly
CitizenProJet IIcWorks perfectly
Citizenprintiva1700Works mostly
Citizenprintiva600CWorks perfectly
Citizenprintiva600UWorks perfectly
Citizenprintiva700Works perfectly
CompaqIJ1200Works mostly
CompaqIJ300Works partially
CompaqIJ750Works mostly
CompaqIJ900Works partially
DEC1800Works mostly
DECDECWriter 500iWorks perfectly
DECDECwriter 110iWorks perfectly
DECDECwriter 520icWorks perfectly
DECLA50Works perfectly
DECLA70Works perfectly
DECLA75Works perfectly
DECLA75 PlusWorks perfectly
DECLJ250Works perfectly
DECLN03Works perfectly
DECLN07Works perfectly
DECLN17Works mostly
DellM5200Works perfectly
DellS2500Works perfectly
Dymo-CoStarASCII 250Works perfectly
Dymo-CoStarASCII+Works perfectly
Dymo-CoStarEL40Works perfectly
Dymo-CoStarEL60Works perfectly
Dymo-CoStarLabelWriter IIWorks perfectly
Dymo-CoStarLabelWriter XLWorks perfectly
Dymo-CoStarLabelWriter XL+Works perfectly
Dymo-CoStarSE250Works perfectly
Dymo-CoStarSE250+Works perfectly
Dymo-CoStarTurboWorks perfectly
EpsonActionLaser 1100Works perfectly
EpsonActionLaser IIWorks perfectly
EpsonActionPrinter 3250Works perfectly
EpsonAcuLaser C1000None - Paperweight
EpsonAcuLaser C1900Works perfectly
EpsonAcuLaser C1900PSWorks perfectly
EpsonAcuLaser C2000Works perfectly
EpsonAcuLaser C2000PSWorks perfectly
EpsonAcuLaser C4000Works perfectly
EpsonAcuLaser C4000PSWorks perfectly
EpsonAcuLaser C4100Works perfectly
EpsonAcuLaser C4100PSWorks perfectly
EpsonAcuLaser C8500Works perfectly
EpsonAcuLaser C8500PSWorks perfectly
EpsonAcuLaser C8600Works perfectly
EpsonAcuLaser C8600PSWorks perfectly
EpsonAcuLaser C900None - Paperweight
EpsonAcuLaser C9100Works perfectly
EpsonCL 700Works perfectly
EpsonCL 750Works perfectly
EpsonCL 760Works mostly
EpsonDot MatrixWorks perfectly
EpsonE 100Works perfectly
EpsonEM 900CWorks perfectly
EpsonEM 900CNWorks perfectly
EpsonEM 930CWorks perfectly
EpsonEM 930CNWorks perfectly
EpsonEPL-5200Works perfectly
EpsonEPL-5200+Works perfectly
EpsonEPL-5500WNone - Paperweight
EpsonEPL-5700Works mostly
EpsonEPL-5700LWorks mostly
EpsonEPL-5700PSWorks perfectly
EpsonEPL-5800Works perfectly
EpsonEPL-5800LWorks mostly
EpsonEPL-5800PSWorks perfectly
EpsonEPL-5900Works perfectly
EpsonEPL-5900LWorks perfectly
EpsonEPL-5900PSWorks perfectly
EpsonEPL-6100Works perfectly
EpsonEPL-6100LWorks mostly
EpsonEPL-6100PSWorks perfectly
EpsonEPL-6200LWorks mostly
EpsonEPL-7100Works perfectly
EpsonEPL-N1600Works perfectly
EpsonEPL-N1600PSWorks perfectly
EpsonEPL-N2050Works perfectly
EpsonEPL-N2050+Works perfectly
EpsonEPL-N2050PSWorks perfectly
EpsonEPL-N2050PS+Works perfectly
EpsonEPL-N2120Works perfectly
EpsonEPL-N2500Works perfectly
EpsonEPL-N2500PSWorks perfectly
EpsonEPL-N2750Works perfectly
EpsonEPL-N2750PSWorks perfectly
EpsonL-1000Works perfectly
EpsonLP 8000Works perfectly
EpsonLP-1800Works perfectly
EpsonLP-1900Works perfectly
EpsonLP-2000Works perfectly
EpsonLP-2200Works perfectly
EpsonLP-2400Works perfectly
EpsonLP-2500Works perfectly
EpsonLP-3000Works perfectly
EpsonLP-3000CWorks perfectly
EpsonLP-7000Works perfectly
EpsonLP-7000GWorks perfectly
EpsonLP-7500Works perfectly
EpsonLP-7700Works perfectly
EpsonLP-7900Works perfectly
EpsonLP-8000CWorks perfectly
EpsonLP-8100Works perfectly
EpsonLP-8200CWorks perfectly
EpsonLP-8300CWorks perfectly
EpsonLP-8300FWorks perfectly
EpsonLP-8400FWorks perfectly
EpsonLP-8500CWorks perfectly
EpsonLP-8600Works perfectly
EpsonLP-8600FWorks perfectly
EpsonLP-8700Works perfectly
EpsonLP-8800CWorks perfectly
EpsonLP-8900Works perfectly
EpsonLP-9000BWorks perfectly
EpsonLP-9000CWorks perfectly
EpsonLP-9100Works perfectly
EpsonLP-9200BWorks perfectly
EpsonLP-9200CWorks perfectly
EpsonLP-9300Works perfectly
EpsonLP-9400Works perfectly
EpsonLP-9500CWorks perfectly
EpsonLP-9600Works perfectly
EpsonLP-9600SWorks perfectly
EpsonLP-9800CWorks perfectly
EpsonLP-S4500Works perfectly
EpsonLP-S6500Works perfectly
EpsonLP-xx00Works perfectly
EpsonLQ-24Works perfectly
EpsonLQ-2550Works perfectly
EpsonLQ-500Works perfectly
EpsonLQ-570+Works perfectly
EpsonLQ-850Works perfectly
EpsonLX-1050Works perfectly
EpsonMC 10000Works partially
EpsonMC 2000Works partially
EpsonMC 5000Works mostly
EpsonMC 7000Works perfectly
EpsonMC 9000Works partially
EpsonMJ 5100CWorks mostly
EpsonMJ 520CWorks mostly
EpsonMJ 6000CWorks perfectly
EpsonMJ 8000CWorks perfectly
EpsonMJ 930CWorks perfectly
EpsonMachJetWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 10000Works partially
EpsonPM 2000CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 2200CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 3000CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 3300CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 3500CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 3700CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 4000PXWorks mostly
EpsonPM 5000CWorks mostly
EpsonPM 7000CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 700CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 730CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 740CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 750CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 760CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 770CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 780CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 790PTWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 800CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 820CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 850PTWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 870CWorks mostly
EpsonPM 880CWorks perfectly
EpsonPM 9000CWorks partially
EpsonPM 930CNone - Paperweight
EpsonPM 940CWorks mostly
EpsonPM 950CWorks partially
EpsonPM 970CWorks partially
EpsonPM 980CWorks partially
EpsonPM A900Works mostly
EpsonPM D1000Works mostly
EpsonPM D750Works mostly
EpsonPM D770Works mostly
EpsonPM G700Works mostly
EpsonPM G720Works mostly
EpsonPM G800Works mostly
EpsonPM G820Works mostly
EpsonPX 5500Works mostly
EpsonPX 7000Works partially
EpsonPX 9000Works partially
EpsonPX A650Works mostly
EpsonPX G5000Works mostly
EpsonPX G900Works mostly
EpsonPX G920Works mostly
EpsonPX V500Works mostly
EpsonPX V600Works mostly
EpsonPictureMateWorks perfectly
EpsonPictureMate DeluxeWorks perfectly
EpsonSQ 1170Works perfectly
EpsonStylusWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus 800Works perfectly
EpsonStylus C20Works perfectly
EpsonStylus C20SXWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus C20UXWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus C40Works perfectly
EpsonStylus C40SXWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus C40UXWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus C41Works perfectly
EpsonStylus C41SXWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus C41UXWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus C42Works perfectly
EpsonStylus C42SXWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus C42UXWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus C43Works perfectly
EpsonStylus C43SXWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus C43UXWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus C44Works perfectly
EpsonStylus C44SXWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus C44UXWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus C45Works perfectly
EpsonStylus C46Works perfectly
EpsonStylus C48Works perfectly
EpsonStylus C50Works mostly
EpsonStylus C60Works perfectly
EpsonStylus C61Works perfectly
EpsonStylus C62Works perfectly
EpsonStylus C63Works mostly
EpsonStylus C64Works mostly
EpsonStylus C65Works mostly
EpsonStylus C66Works mostly
EpsonStylus C68Works mostly
EpsonStylus C70Works perfectly
EpsonStylus C80Works perfectly
EpsonStylus C82Works perfectly
EpsonStylus C83Works mostly
EpsonStylus C84Works mostly
EpsonStylus C85Works mostly
EpsonStylus C86Works mostly
EpsonStylus C88Works mostly
EpsonStylus CX1500Works perfectly
EpsonStylus CX3100Works perfectly
EpsonStylus CX3200Works perfectly
EpsonStylus CX3500Works mostly
EpsonStylus CX3600Works mostly
EpsonStylus CX3650Works mostly
EpsonStylus CX3700Works mostly
EpsonStylus CX3800Works mostly
EpsonStylus CX3805Works mostly
EpsonStylus CX3810Works mostly
EpsonStylus CX4100Works mostly
EpsonStylus CX4200Works mostly
EpsonStylus CX4500Works mostly
EpsonStylus CX4600Works mostly
EpsonStylus CX4700Works mostly
EpsonStylus CX4800Works mostly
EpsonStylus CX5100Works mostly
EpsonStylus CX5200Works perfectly
EpsonStylus CX5300Works mostly
EpsonStylus CX5400Works mostly
EpsonStylus CX5700Works mostly
EpsonStylus CX5800Works mostly
EpsonStylus CX6300Works mostly
EpsonStylus CX6400Works mostly
EpsonStylus CX6500Works mostly
EpsonStylus CX6600Works mostly
EpsonStylus CX7700Works mostly
EpsonStylus CX7800Works mostly
EpsonStylus CX8300Works mostly
EpsonStylus CX8400Works mostly
EpsonStylus ColorWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 1160Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 1500Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 1520Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 200Works mostly
EpsonStylus Color 300Works mostly
EpsonStylus Color 3000Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 400Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 440Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 460Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 480Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 500Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 580Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 600Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 640Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 660Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 670Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 680Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 740Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 760Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 777Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 8 3Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 800Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 850Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 860Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 880Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 900Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color 980Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Color IWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus Color IIWorks mostly
EpsonStylus Color IIsWorks mostly
EpsonStylus Color PROWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus D68Works mostly
EpsonStylus D88Works mostly
EpsonStylus DX3800Works mostly
EpsonStylus DX3850Works mostly
EpsonStylus DX4200Works mostly
EpsonStylus DX4250Works mostly
EpsonStylus DX4800Works mostly
EpsonStylus PhotoWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 1200Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 1270Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 1280Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 1290Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 1290SWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 2000PWorks partially
EpsonStylus Photo 2100Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo 2200Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo 700Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 720Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 750Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 780Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 785Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 790Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 810Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 820Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 825Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 830Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 870Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 875Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 890Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 895Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 900Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 915Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 925Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 935Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo 950Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo 960Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo EXWorks perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo EX3Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Photo R1800Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo R200Works partially
EpsonStylus Photo R210Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo R220Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo R2400Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo R300Works partially
EpsonStylus Photo R310Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo R320Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo R340Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo R800Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo RX400Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo RX420Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo RX425Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo RX430Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo RX500Works partially
EpsonStylus Photo RX510Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo RX600Works partially
EpsonStylus Photo RX620Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo RX630Works mostly
EpsonStylus Photo RX700Works mostly
EpsonStylus Pro 10000Works partially
EpsonStylus Pro 5000Works mostly
EpsonStylus Pro 5500Works mostly
EpsonStylus Pro 7000Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Pro 7500Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Pro 7600Works partially
EpsonStylus Pro 9000Works partially
EpsonStylus Pro 9500Works partially
EpsonStylus Pro 9600Works partially
EpsonStylus Pro XLWorks mostly
EpsonStylus Scan 2000Works perfectly
EpsonStylus Scan 2500Works perfectly
FujifilmPrintpix-CX-400Works mostly
FujifilmPrintpix-CX-550Works mostly
Fujitsu1200Works perfectly
Fujitsu2400Works perfectly
Fujitsu3400Works perfectly
FujitsuFMLBP2xx Page PrinterWorks perfectly
FujitsuFMPRWorks perfectly
FujitsuPrintPartner 10VWorks perfectly
FujitsuPrintPartner 16DVWorks perfectly
FujitsuPrintPartner 20WWorks perfectly
FujitsuPrintPartner 8000Works perfectly
GenericESC/P Dot Matrix PrinterWorks perfectly
GenericGDI PrinterNone - Paperweight
GenericIBM-Compatible Dot Matrix PrinterWorks perfectly
GenericPCL 3 PrinterWorks perfectly
GenericPCL 4 PrinterWorks perfectly
GenericPCL 5 PrinterWorks perfectly
GenericPCL 5c PrinterWorks perfectly
GenericPCL 5e PrinterWorks perfectly
GenericPCL 6/PCL XL PrinterWorks perfectly
GenericPostScript PrinterWorks perfectly
GenericZjStream PrinterWorks partially
Gestetner10512Works perfectly
Gestetner2212Works perfectly
Gestetner2712Works perfectly
Gestetner3212Works perfectly
Gestetner3502Works perfectly
Gestetner3532/4235gWorks perfectly
Gestetner4502Works perfectly
Gestetner4532/4245gWorks perfectly
Gestetner6002Works perfectly
Gestetner7502Works perfectly
Gestetner9002Works perfectly
GestetnerC7010Works perfectly
GestetnerC7116Works perfectly
GestetnerC7416Works perfectly
GestetnerC7417Works perfectly
GestetnerC7425dnWorks perfectly
GestetnerC7435nWorks perfectly
GestetnerC7521nWorks perfectly
GestetnerC7526dnWorks perfectly
GestetnerC7528nWorks perfectly
GestetnerC7531dnWorks perfectly
GestetnerC7535nWorks perfectly
GestetnerC7640nDWorks perfectly
GestetnerCS555Works perfectly
GestetnerDSc224Works perfectly
GestetnerDSc232Works perfectly
GestetnerDSc328Works perfectly
GestetnerDSc332Works perfectly
GestetnerDSc338Works perfectly
GestetnerDSc38Works perfectly
GestetnerDSc38uWorks perfectly
GestetnerDSc424Works perfectly
GestetnerDSc428Works perfectly
GestetnerDSc432Works perfectly
GestetnerDSc435Works perfectly
GestetnerDSc445Works perfectly
GestetnerDSc460Works perfectly
GestetnerDSc524Works perfectly
GestetnerDSc532Works perfectly
GestetnerDSm415Works perfectly
GestetnerDSm615Works perfectly
GestetnerDSm616Works perfectly
GestetnerDSm618Works perfectly
GestetnerDSm618dWorks perfectly
GestetnerDSm620Works perfectly
GestetnerDSm620dWorks perfectly
GestetnerDSm622Works perfectly
GestetnerDSm627Works perfectly
GestetnerDSm635/635GWorks perfectly
GestetnerDSm645/645GWorks perfectly
GestetnerDSm651Works perfectly
GestetnerDSm660Works perfectly
GestetnerDSm675Works perfectly
GestetnerDSm725Works perfectly
GestetnerDSm730Works perfectly
GestetnerDSm735/735GWorks perfectly
GestetnerDSm745/745GWorks perfectly
GestetnerF9199/9199nfWorks perfectly
GestetnerMP 161/DSm416Works perfectly
GestetnerMP 2510/DSm725eWorks perfectly
GestetnerMP 3010/DSm730eWorks perfectly
GestetnerMP1100/DSm7110Works perfectly
GestetnerMP1350/DSm7135Works perfectly
GestetnerMP1600/DSm716Works perfectly
GestetnerMP2000/DSm721dWorks perfectly
GestetnerMP3500/DSm735eWorks perfectly
GestetnerMP4500/DSm745eWorks perfectly
GestetnerMP5500/DSm755Works perfectly
GestetnerMP6500/DSm765Works perfectly
GestetnerMP7500/DSm775Works perfectly
GestetnerMP9000/DSm790Works perfectly
GestetnerMPC1500/GS106Works perfectly
GestetnerMPC2500/DSc525Works perfectly
GestetnerMPC3000/DSc530Works perfectly
GestetnerMPC3500/DSc535Works perfectly
GestetnerMPC4500/DSc545Works perfectly
GestetnerP7026Works perfectly
GestetnerP7026nWorks perfectly
GestetnerP7032Works perfectly
GestetnerP7126Works perfectly
GestetnerP7126nWorks perfectly
GestetnerP7132nWorks perfectly
GestetnerP7145Works perfectly
GestetnerP7245Works perfectly
GestetnerP7325Works perfectly
GestetnerP7325nWorks perfectly
GestetnerP7431cnWorks perfectly
GestetnerP7527Works perfectly
GestetnerP7527nWorks perfectly
GestetnerP7535nWorks perfectly
GestetnerP7575Works perfectly
GestetnerP7675Works perfectly
HP2000CWorks perfectly
HP2500CWorks perfectly
HP2500CMWorks perfectly
HP2563Works perfectly
HPBusiness Inkjet 1000Works perfectly
HPBusiness Inkjet 1100Works perfectly
HPBusiness Inkjet 1200Works perfectly
HPBusiness Inkjet 2200Works perfectly
HPBusiness Inkjet 2230Works perfectly
HPBusiness Inkjet 2250Works perfectly
HPBusiness Inkjet 2250TNWorks perfectly
HPBusiness Inkjet 2280Works perfectly
HPBusiness Inkjet 2300Works perfectly
HPBusiness Inkjet 2600Works perfectly
HPBusiness Inkjet 2800Works perfectly
HPBusiness Inkjet 3000Works perfectly
HPColor Inkjet Printer CP1160Works perfectly
HPColor Inkjet Printer CP1700Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 1500None - Paperweight
HPColor LaserJet 1600Works mostly
HPColor LaserJet 2500Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 2550Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 2600nWorks mostly
HPColor LaserJet 2605Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 2700Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 2800Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 3000Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 3500Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 3550Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 3600Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 3700Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 3800Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 4500Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 4550Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 4600Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 4610Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 4650Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 4700Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 4730 MFPWorks perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 5Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 5000Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 5500Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 5550Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 5MWorks perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 8500Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 8550GNWorks perfectly
HPColor LaserJet 9500Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet CM1015Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet CM1017Works perfectly
HPColor LaserJet CP4005Works perfectly
HPColorLaserJet 9500 MFPWorks perfectly
HPDesignJet 100Works mostly
HPDesignJet 100plusWorks mostly
HPDesignJet 230Works perfectly
HPDesignJet 2500CPWorks perfectly
HPDesignJet 250CWorks mostly
HPDesignJet 3500CPWorks perfectly
HPDesignJet 350CWorks mostly
HPDesignJet 430Works perfectly
HPDesignJet 450CWorks mostly
HPDesignJet 455CAWorks mostly
HPDesignJet 488CAWorks mostly
HPDesignJet 500Works mostly
HPDesignJet 5000Works mostly
HPDesignJet 500psWorks mostly
HPDesignJet 5500Works mostly
HPDesignJet 5500psWorks perfectly
HPDesignJet 650CWorks mostly
HPDesignJet 700Works perfectly
HPDesignJet 750CWorks mostly
HPDesignJet 750C PlusWorks mostly
HPDesignJet 800Works mostly
HPDesignJet ColorPro CADWorks perfectly
HPDeskJetWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 1000CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 1100CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 1120CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 1125CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 1200CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 1220CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 1280Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 1600CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 1600CMWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 200Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 310Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 320Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 3320Works mostly
HPDeskJet 3325Works mostly
HPDeskJet 340CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 3420Works mostly
HPDeskJet 3425Works mostly
HPDeskJet 350CWorks mostly
HPDeskJet 3520Works mostly
HPDeskJet 3528Works mostly
HPDeskJet 3535Works mostly
HPDeskJet 3550Works mostly
HPDeskJet 3558Works mostly
HPDeskJet 3650Works mostly
HPDeskJet 3658Works mostly
HPDeskJet 3668Works mostly
HPDeskJet 3740Works mostly
HPDeskJet 3810Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 3816Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 3820Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 3822Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 3840Works mostly
HPDeskJet 3845Works mostly
HPDeskJet 3920Works mostly
HPDeskJet 3940Works mostly
HPDeskJet 400Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 420CWorks mostly
HPDeskJet 450Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 460Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 500Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 500CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 505J PlusWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 510Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 5150Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 5158Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 5160Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 520Works mostly
HPDeskJet 540CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 5440Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 550CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 5550Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 5551Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 560CWorks mostly
HPDeskJet 5650Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 5652Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 5670Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 5740Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 5850Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 5940Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 600Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 610CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 610CLWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 6122Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 6127Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 612CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 630CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 632CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 640CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 648CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 6520Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 6540Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 656CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 6600Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 660CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 670CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 670TVWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 672CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 6800Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 680CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 682CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 6840Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 690CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 692CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 693CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 6940Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 694CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 695CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 697CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 6980Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 710CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 712CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 720CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 722CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 810CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 812CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 815CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 816CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 820CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 825CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 830CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 832CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 840CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 841CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 842CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 843CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 845CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 850CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 855CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 870CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 880CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 882CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 890CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 895CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 916CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 920CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 9300Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 930CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 932CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 933CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 934CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 935CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 940CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 948CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 950CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 952CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 955CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 957CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 959CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 9600Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 960CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 970CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 975CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 9800Works perfectly
HPDeskJet 980CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 990CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet 995CWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet D1300Works mostly
HPDeskJet D1400Works mostly
HPDeskJet D2300Works mostly
HPDeskJet D2400Works mostly
HPDeskJet D4100Works mostly
HPDeskJet D4200Works mostly
HPDeskJet F2100Works mostly
HPDeskJet F300Works mostly
HPDeskJet F4100Works mostly
HPDeskJet PlusWorks perfectly
HPDeskJet PortableWorks perfectly
HPLaserJetWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 1000Works mostly
HPLaserJet 1005Works mostly
HPLaserJet 1010Works mostly
HPLaserJet 1012Works mostly
HPLaserJet 1015Works mostly
HPLaserJet 1018Works mostly
HPLaserJet 1020Works mostly
HPLaserJet 1022Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 1100Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 1100AWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 1150Works mostly
HPLaserJet 1160Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 1200Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 1220Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 1300Works mostly
HPLaserJet 1320Works mostly
HPLaserJet 2Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 2 w/PSWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 2100Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 2100MWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 2200Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 2300Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 2410Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 2420Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 2430Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 2DWorks mostly
HPLaserJet 2PWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 2P PlusWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 3Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 3015Works mostly
HPLaserJet 3020Works mostly
HPLaserJet 3030Works mostly
HPLaserJet 3050Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 3052Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 3055Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 3100None - Paperweight
HPLaserJet 3150None - Paperweight
HPLaserJet 3200Works mostly
HPLaserJet 3200mWorks mostly
HPLaserJet 3200seWorks mostly
HPLaserJet 3300 MFPWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 3310 MFPWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 3320 MFPWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 3320N MFPWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 3330 MFPWorks mostly
HPLaserJet 3380Works mostly
HPLaserJet 3390Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 3392Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 3DWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 3P w/ PCL5Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 3P w/PSWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 4Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 4 PlusWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 4000Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 4050Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 4100Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 4200Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 4240Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 4250Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 4300Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 4345 mfpWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 4350Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 4LWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 4MWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 4MLWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 4PWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 4SiWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 4VWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 4V/4LJ ProWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 5Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 5000Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 5100Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 5200Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 5200LWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 5LWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 5MWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 5MPWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 5PWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 5SiWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 6Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 6LWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 6MPWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 6PWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 8000Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 8100Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 8150Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 9000Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 9000 MFPWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 9040Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 9040 MFPWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 9050Works perfectly
HPLaserJet 9050 MFPWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 9055 MFPWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet 9065 MFPWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet M1005 MFPWorks mostly
HPLaserJet M3027 MFPWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet M3035 MFPWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet M4345 MFPWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet M5025 MFPWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet M5035 MFPWorks perfectly
HPLaserJet P2015Works perfectly
HPLaserJet P3004Works perfectly
HPLaserJet P3005Works perfectly
HPLaserJet PlusWorks perfectly
HPMopier 240Works perfectly
HPMopier 320Works perfectly
HPOfficeJetWorks mostly
HPOfficeJet 300Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 330Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 350Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 4100Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 4105Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 4110Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 4115Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 4200Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 4300Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 500Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 5105Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 5110Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 5110xiWorks mostly
HPOfficeJet 520Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 5500Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 5600Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 570Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 580Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 590Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 600Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 610Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 6100Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 6105Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 6110Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 6150Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 6200Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 625Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 630Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 6300Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 635Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 700Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 710Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 7100Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 7110Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 7130Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 7140Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 720Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 7200Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 725Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 7300Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 7400Works mostly
HPOfficeJet 9100Works mostly
HPOfficeJet D125Works mostly
HPOfficeJet D135Works mostly
HPOfficeJet D145Works mostly
HPOfficeJet D155Works mostly
HPOfficeJet G55Works mostly
HPOfficeJet G85Works mostly
HPOfficeJet G95Works mostly
HPOfficeJet J5700Works perfectly
HPOfficeJet K60Works mostly
HPOfficeJet K60xiWorks mostly
HPOfficeJet K80Works mostly
HPOfficeJet K80xiWorks mostly
HPOfficeJet LXWorks mostly
HPOfficeJet Pro 1150CWorks mostly
HPOfficeJet Pro 1170CWorks mostly
HPOfficeJet Pro 1175CWorks mostly
HPOfficeJet Pro K5300Works perfectly
HPOfficeJet Pro K5400Works perfectly
HPOfficeJet Pro K550Works perfectly
HPOfficeJet Pro K850Works perfectly
HPOfficeJet Pro L7300Works perfectly
HPOfficeJet Pro L7500Works perfectly
HPOfficeJet Pro L7600Works perfectly
HPOfficeJet Pro L7700Works perfectly
HPOfficeJet R40Works mostly
HPOfficeJet R45Works mostly
HPOfficeJet R60Works mostly
HPOfficeJet R65Works mostly
HPOfficeJet R80Works mostly
HPOfficeJet T45Works mostly
HPOfficeJet T65Works mostly
HPOfficeJet V40Works mostly
HPOfficeJet V40xiWorks mostly
HPPSC 1100Works mostly
HPPSC 1110Works mostly
HPPSC 1200Works mostly
HPPSC 1205Works mostly
HPPSC 1210Works mostly
HPPSC 1300Works mostly
HPPSC 1310Works mostly
HPPSC 1400Works mostly
HPPSC 1500Works perfectly
HPPSC 1510Works perfectly
HPPSC 1600Works perfectly
HPPSC 2110Works perfectly
HPPSC 2150Works perfectly
HPPSC 2170Works perfectly
HPPSC 2175Works perfectly
HPPSC 2210Works perfectly
HPPSC 2300Works perfectly
HPPSC 2350Works perfectly
HPPSC 2400Works perfectly
HPPSC 2500Works perfectly
HPPSC 370Works perfectly
HPPSC 380Works perfectly
HPPSC 500Works perfectly
HPPSC 750Works perfectly
HPPSC 750xiWorks perfectly
HPPSC 950Works mostly
HPPSC 950xiWorks mostly
HPPaintJetWorks perfectly
HPPaintJet XLWorks perfectly
HPPaintJet XL300Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmartNone - Paperweight
HPPhotoSmart 140Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 240Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 2570Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 2600Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 2700Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 3100Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 320Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 3200Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 330Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 3300Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 370Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 380Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 420Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 470Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 7150Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 7260Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 7268Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 7345Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 7350Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 7400Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 7550Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 7660Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 7760Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 7800Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 7960Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 8000Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 8100Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 8200Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 8400Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart 8700Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart A310Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart A430Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart A510Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart A610Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart A710Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart C3100Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart C4100Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart C5100Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart C6100Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart C7100Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart D5060Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart D5100Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart D6100Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart D7100Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart D7300Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart P100Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart P1000Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart P1100Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart P1115Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart P1215Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart P1218Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart P130Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart P1315Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart P230Works perfectly
HPPhotoSmart Pro B8300Works perfectly
HPThinkJetWorks partially
HPe-printer e20Works perfectly
HeidelbergDigimaster 9110Works perfectly
HitachiDDP 70 (with MicroPress)Works perfectly
IBM3853 JetPrinterWorks perfectly
IBM4019Works perfectly
IBM4029 030 LaserPrinter 10Works partially
IBM4029 10PWorks perfectly
IBM4303 Network Color PrinterWorks perfectly
IBM4312Works perfectly
IBMExecjet 4072Works perfectly
IBMInfoprint 12Works perfectly
IBMPage Printer 3112Works perfectly
IBMProPrinterIIWorks perfectly
ImagenImPressWorks perfectly
Infotec4353 MFWorks perfectly
Infotec4452 MFWorks perfectly
Infotec4651 MFWorks perfectly
InfotecIP 280Works perfectly
InfotecIPC 2525Works perfectly
InfotecIPC 2525DNWorks perfectly
InfotecIPC 2525eWorks perfectly
InfotecIPC 3030DNWorks perfectly
InfotecIPC 3535Works perfectly
InfotecIPC 4040DNWorks perfectly
InfotecIPC1036Works perfectly
InfotecIPC2838Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2015Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2018Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2018DWorks perfectly
InfotecIS 2060Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2075Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2122Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2127Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2132Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2135Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2145Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2151Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2160Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2175Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2215Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2216Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2220Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2220DWorks perfectly
InfotecIS 2225Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2230Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2235Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2245Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2255Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2265Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2275Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2316Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2320Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2416Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2425Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2430Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2435Works perfectly
InfotecIS 2445Works perfectly
InfotecIS 3090Works perfectly
InfotecIS 3110Works perfectly
InfotecIS 3135Works perfectly
InfotecIS2022Works perfectly
InfotecIS2027Works perfectly
InfotecIS2032Works perfectly
InfotecIS2035Works perfectly
InfotecIS2045Works perfectly
InfotecIS2090Works perfectly
InfotecIS2105Works perfectly
InfotecISC 1024cWorks perfectly
InfotecISC 1032cWorks perfectly
InfotecISC 2028Works perfectly
InfotecISC 2428Works perfectly
InfotecISC 2432Works perfectly
InfotecISC 2525Works perfectly
InfotecISC 2835Works perfectly
InfotecISC 2838Works perfectly
InfotecISC 3030Works perfectly
InfotecISC 3535Works perfectly
InfotecISC 3545Works perfectly
InfotecISC 4045Works perfectly
InfotecISC 4560Works perfectly
InfotecISC 5560Works perfectly
InfotecISC 615GWorks perfectly
InfotecISC1032Works perfectly
InfotecISC824Works perfectly
KONICA MINOLTAmagicolor 2300 DLWorks mostly
KONICA MINOLTAmagicolor 2430 DLWorks mostly
KONICA MINOLTAmagicolor 2490 MFWorks mostly
KONICA MINOLTAmagicolor 2530 DLWorks mostly
KONICA MINOLTAmagicolor 5430 DLWorks mostly
KONICA MINOLTAmagicolor 5440 DLWorks mostly
KodakDigiSource 9110Works perfectly
KodakIS 70 CPIIWorks perfectly
KyoceraF-1000Works perfectly
KyoceraF-1010Works perfectly
KyoceraF-1200Works perfectly
KyoceraF-1200SWorks perfectly
KyoceraF-1800Works perfectly
KyoceraF-2000Works perfectly
KyoceraF-2010Works perfectly
KyoceraF-2200Works perfectly
KyoceraF-2200SWorks perfectly
KyoceraF-3000Works perfectly
KyoceraF-3010Works perfectly
KyoceraF-3300Works perfectly
KyoceraF-5000Works perfectly
KyoceraF-800Works perfectly
KyoceraF-800TWorks perfectly
KyoceraF-820Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-1000Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-1000+Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-1010Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-1016MFPWorks mostly
KyoceraFS-1050Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-1200Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-1500Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-1550Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-1550+Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-1600Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-1600+Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-1700Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-1700+Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-1750Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-1800Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-1800+Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-1900Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-3400Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-3400+Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-3500Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-3600Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-3600+Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-3700Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-3700+Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-3750Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-3800Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-400Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-5500Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-5800CWorks perfectly
KyoceraFS-5900CWorks perfectly
KyoceraFS-600Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-600 (KPDL-2)Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-6500Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-6500+Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-6700Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-680Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-7000Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-7000+Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-800Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-8000CWorks perfectly
KyoceraFS-850Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-9000Works perfectly
KyoceraFS-9100DNWorks perfectly
KyoceraFS-9500DNWorks perfectly
KyoceraKM-1530Works mostly
KyoceraKM-1810Works mostly
KyoceraKM-2030Works mostly
KyoceraKM-2530Works mostly
KyoceraKM-3530Works mostly
KyoceraKM-4230Works mostly
KyoceraKM-4530Works mostly
KyoceraKM-5230Works mostly
KyoceraKM-5530Works mostly
KyoceraKM-6230Works mostly
KyoceraP-2000Works perfectly
KyoceraP-2002Works perfectly
Lanier2132Works perfectly
Lanier2138Works perfectly
Lanier2145Works perfectly
Lanier5622Works perfectly
Lanier5627Works perfectly
Lanier5632Works perfectly
Lanier5635Works perfectly
Lanier5645Works perfectly
LanierLC155Works perfectly
LanierLD0105Works perfectly
LanierLD015Works perfectly
LanierLD024cWorks perfectly
LanierLD032cWorks perfectly
LanierLD035Works perfectly
LanierLD045Works perfectly
LanierLD060Works perfectly
LanierLD075Works perfectly
LanierLD090Works perfectly
LanierLD115Works perfectly
LanierLD116Works perfectly
LanierLD118Works perfectly
LanierLD118dWorks perfectly
LanierLD120Works perfectly
LanierLD120dWorks perfectly
LanierLD122Works perfectly
LanierLD124cWorks perfectly
LanierLD127Works perfectly
LanierLD132Works perfectly
LanierLD132cWorks perfectly
LanierLD135Works perfectly
LanierLD145Works perfectly
LanierLD151Works perfectly
LanierLD160Works perfectly
LanierLD160cWorks perfectly
LanierLD175Works perfectly
LanierLD225Works perfectly
LanierLD228cWorks perfectly
LanierLD230Works perfectly
LanierLD232cWorks perfectly
LanierLD235Works perfectly
LanierLD238cWorks perfectly
LanierLD245Works perfectly
LanierLD328cWorks perfectly
LanierLD335cWorks perfectly
LanierLD345cWorks perfectly
LanierLF510/515eWorks perfectly
LanierLP 020cWorks perfectly
LanierLP 036cWorks perfectly
LanierLP025/LP026Works perfectly
LanierLP025N/LP026NWorks perfectly
LanierLP031cWorks perfectly
LanierLP032Works perfectly
LanierLP116cWorks perfectly
LanierLP122c/LP121cWorks perfectly
LanierLP125cx/LP126cnWorks perfectly
LanierLP127n/LP128nWorks perfectly
LanierLP128Works perfectly
LanierLP135nWorks perfectly
LanierLP138cWorks perfectly
LanierLP145n/SP 8100DNWorks perfectly
LanierLP175/LP175hdnWorks perfectly
LanierLP222cn/LP221cWorks perfectly
LanierLP226c/SP C410Works perfectly
LanierLP231c/SP C411Works perfectly
LanierLP235cWorks perfectly
LanierLP332cWorks perfectly
LanierLP335cWorks perfectly
LanierLP440c/SP C811DNWorks perfectly
LanierMP 1100/LD1100Works perfectly
LanierMP 1350/LD1135Works perfectly
LanierMP 1600/LD316Works perfectly
LanierMP 161/LD016Works perfectly
LanierMP 2000/LD320dWorks perfectly
LanierMP 2510/LD325Works perfectly
LanierMP 3010/LD330Works perfectly
LanierMP 3500/LD335Works perfectly
LanierMP 4500/LD345Works perfectly
LanierMP 5500/LD255Works perfectly
LanierMP 6500/LD265Works perfectly
LanierMP 7500/LD275Works perfectly
LanierMP 9000/LD190Works perfectly
LanierMP C2500/LD425cWorks perfectly
LanierMP C3000/LD430cWorks perfectly
LanierMP C3500/LD435cWorks perfectly
LanierMP C4500/LD445cWorks perfectly
LanierMPC1500/LD215cWorks perfectly
LanierSP 9100/LP275Works perfectly
LaserMasterLM 1000None - Paperweight
Lexmark1000Works partially
Lexmark1020Works partially
Lexmark1020 BusinessWorks mostly
Lexmark1100Works partially
Lexmark2030Works partially
Lexmark2050Works partially
Lexmark2070Works partially
Lexmark3000Works mostly
Lexmark3200Works mostly
Lexmark4039 10plusWorks perfectly
Lexmark4076Works mostly
Lexmark5000Works partially
Lexmark5700Works partially
Lexmark7000Works partially
Lexmark7200Works partially
LexmarkE210Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra C710Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra Color 1200Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra Color 1275Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra Color 40Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra Color 45Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra EWorks perfectly
LexmarkOptra E+Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra E310Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra E312Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra E321Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra EpWorks perfectly
LexmarkOptra K 1220Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra M410Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra M412Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra R+Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra S 1250Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra S 1855Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra Se 3455Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra T610Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra T612Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra T614Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra T616Works perfectly
LexmarkOptra W810Works perfectly
LexmarkValuewriter 300Works perfectly
LexmarkWinwriter 100None - Paperweight
LexmarkWinwriter 150cWorks partially
LexmarkWinwriter 200None - Paperweight
LexmarkWinwriter 400Works partially
LexmarkX125Works partially
LexmarkX73Works mostly
LexmarkX74Works partially
LexmarkX75Works partially
LexmarkZ11Works partially
LexmarkZ12Works partially
LexmarkZ13None - Paperweight
LexmarkZ22Works partially
LexmarkZ23None - Paperweight
LexmarkZ31Works mostly
LexmarkZ32Works partially
LexmarkZ33Works partially
LexmarkZ42Works mostly
LexmarkZ43Works mostly
LexmarkZ51Works partially
LexmarkZ52Works perfectly
LexmarkZ53Works perfectly
LexmarkZ82Works partially
MinoltaColor PageWorks/Pro LWorks mostly
MinoltaPagePro 1100Works perfectly
MinoltaPagePro 1100LNone - Paperweight
MinoltaPagePro 1200WWorks mostly
MinoltaPagePro 1250EWorks perfectly
MinoltaPagePro 1250WWorks mostly
MinoltaPagePro 1300WWorks mostly
MinoltaPagePro 1350WWorks mostly
MinoltaPagePro 1400WWorks mostly
MinoltaPagePro 6Works perfectly
MinoltaPagePro 6LNone - Paperweight
MinoltaPagePro 6eWorks perfectly
MinoltaPagePro 6exWorks perfectly
MinoltaPagePro 8Works perfectly
MinoltaPagePro 8LWorks perfectly
Minoltamagicolor 2200 DLWorks mostly
Minoltamagicolor 2300 DLWorks mostly
Minoltamagicolor 2300WWorks mostly
Minoltamagicolor 2400WWorks mostly
Minoltamagicolor 2430 DLWorks mostly
Minoltamagicolor 3100Works mostly
MitsubishiCP50 Color PrinterWorks perfectly
NECMultiWriterWorks perfectly
NECP2XWorks perfectly
NECPC-PR1000Works perfectly
NECPC-PR150Works perfectly
NECPC-PR2000Works perfectly
NECPC-PR201Works perfectly
NECPICTY180Works perfectly
NECPinWriter P6Works perfectly
NECPinWriter P6 plusWorks perfectly
NECPinWriter P60Works perfectly
NECPinWriter P7Works perfectly
NECPinWriter P7 plusWorks perfectly
NECPinWriter P70Works perfectly
NECPinwriter P20Works perfectly
NECSilentWriter LC 890Works perfectly
NECSilentwriter 95fWorks perfectly
NECSilentwriter2 S60PWorks perfectly
NECSilentwriter2 model 290Works perfectly
NECSuperScript 100CWorks partially
NECSuperScript 1260Works partially
NECSuperScript 1400Works perfectly
NECSuperScript 150CWorks partially
NECSuperScript 1800Works perfectly
NECSuperScript 4600NWorks perfectly
NECSuperScript 610plusNone - Paperweight
NECSuperScript 650CWorks partially
NECSuperScript 660None - Paperweight
NECSuperScript 660iWorks perfectly
NECSuperScript 660plusNone - Paperweight
NECSuperScript 750CWorks partially
NECSuperScript 860Works partially
NECSuperScript 870Works partially
NRG10515/10518/10512Works perfectly
NRG2205/2238/2212Works perfectly
NRG2705/2738/2712Works perfectly
NRG3205/3238/3212Works perfectly
NRG3525/3508/3502Works perfectly
NRG3545/3518/3532Works perfectly
NRG4525/4508/4502Works perfectly
NRG4545/4518/4532Works perfectly
NRG6002/6005/6008Works perfectly
NRG7502/7505/7508Works perfectly
NRG9005/9008/9002Works perfectly
NRGC7010Works perfectly
NRGC7116Works perfectly
NRGC7416Works perfectly
NRGC7425dnWorks perfectly
NRGC7425hdnWorks perfectly
NRGC7435nWorks perfectly
NRGC7521nWorks perfectly
NRGC7528nWorks perfectly
NRGC7535hdnWorks perfectly
NRGCC7417Works perfectly
NRGCS555Works perfectly
NRGDSc224Works perfectly
NRGDSc232Works perfectly
NRGDSc328Works perfectly
NRGDSc332Works perfectly
NRGDSc338Works perfectly
NRGDSc38Works perfectly
NRGDSc38uWorks perfectly
NRGDSc424Works perfectly
NRGDSc428Works perfectly
NRGDSc432Works perfectly
NRGDSc435Works perfectly
NRGDSc445Works perfectly
NRGDSc460Works perfectly
NRGDSm415Works perfectly
NRGDSm615Works perfectly
NRGDSm616Works perfectly
NRGDSm618Works perfectly
NRGDSm618dWorks perfectly
NRGDSm620Works perfectly
NRGDSm620dWorks perfectly
NRGDSm622Works perfectly
NRGDSm627Works perfectly
NRGDSm632Works perfectly
NRGDSm635Works perfectly
NRGDSm645Works perfectly
NRGDSm651Works perfectly
NRGDSm660Works perfectly
NRGDSm675Works perfectly
NRGDSm725Works perfectly
NRGDSm730Works perfectly
NRGDSm735Works perfectly
NRGDSm745Works perfectly
NRGMP 1100Works perfectly
NRGMP 1350Works perfectly
NRGMP 1600Works perfectly
NRGMP 161Works perfectly
NRGMP 2000Works perfectly
NRGMP 2510Works perfectly
NRGMP 3010Works perfectly
NRGMP 3500Works perfectly
NRGMP 4500Works perfectly
NRGMP 5500Works perfectly
NRGMP 6500Works perfectly
NRGMP 7500Works perfectly
NRGMP 9000Works perfectly
NRGMP C1500spWorks perfectly
NRGMP C2500Works perfectly
NRGMP C3000Works perfectly
NRGMP C3500Works perfectly
NRGMP C4500Works perfectly
NRGP7026Works perfectly
NRGP7026NWorks perfectly
NRGP7032Works perfectly
NRGP7126Works perfectly
NRGP7126NWorks perfectly
NRGP7132NWorks perfectly
NRGP7145Works perfectly
NRGP7325Works perfectly
NRGP7325NWorks perfectly
NRGP7431cnWorks perfectly
NRGP7527Works perfectly
NRGP7527nWorks perfectly
NRGP7535nWorks perfectly
NRGP7575Works perfectly
NRGSP 8100DNWorks perfectly
NRGSP 9100DNWorks perfectly
NRGSP C410DNWorks perfectly
NRGSP C411DNWorks perfectly
NRGSP C811DNWorks perfectly
Oce3145Works perfectly
Oce3155Works perfectly
Oce3165Works perfectly
Oce8445Works perfectly
Oce8465Works perfectly
Oce9050Works perfectly
OcePPC3073Works perfectly
OcePPC3074Works perfectly
OcePPC3093Works perfectly
OcePPC3094Works perfectly
OcePPC3113Works perfectly
OcePPC3114Works perfectly
OcePPC5115Works perfectly
OcePPC5160Works perfectly
OceVarioPrint 2045Works perfectly
OceVarioPrint 2050Works perfectly
OceVarioPrint 2055Works perfectly
OceVarioPrint 2060Works perfectly
OceVarioPrint 2065Works perfectly
OceVarioPrint 2070Works perfectly
OceVarioPrint 2090Works perfectly
OceVarioPrint 2100Works perfectly
OceVarioPrint 2105Works perfectly
OceVarioPrint 2110Works perfectly
OkidataDP 5000Works perfectly
OkidataML 320Works perfectly
OkidataML 321Works perfectly
OkidataML 380Works perfectly
OkidataMicroline 182Works mostly
OkidataMicroline 192+Works partially
OkidataMicroline 600CLWorks perfectly
OkidataMicroline 620CLWorks perfectly
OkidataMicroline IBM compatible 9 pinWorks perfectly
OkidataOL400Works perfectly
OkidataOL400eWorks perfectly
OkidataOL400exWorks perfectly
OkidataOL400wWorks mostly
OkidataOL410eWorks mostly
OkidataOL600eWorks perfectly
OkidataOL610e/PSWorks perfectly
OkidataOL610e/SWorks mostly
OkidataOL800Works perfectly
OkidataOL810e/PSWorks perfectly
OkidataOL810exWorks perfectly
OkidataOL820Works partially
OkidataOL830PlusWorks perfectly
OkidataOkijet 2010None - Paperweight
OkidataOkijet 2500Works mostly
OkidataOkipage 10eWorks perfectly
OkidataOkipage 10exWorks perfectly
OkidataOkipage 12iWorks perfectly
OkidataOkipage 14exWorks perfectly
OkidataOkipage 20DXnWorks perfectly
OkidataOkipage 4wWorks mostly
OkidataOkipage 4w+Works mostly
OkidataOkipage 6eWorks perfectly
OkidataOkipage 6exWorks perfectly
OkidataOkipage 6wWorks mostly
OkidataOkipage 8cWorks perfectly
OkidataOkipage 8pWorks perfectly
OkidataOkipage 8wWorks mostly
OkidataOkipage 8w LiteWorks mostly
OkidataOkipage 8zWorks mostly
OkidataSuper 6eWorks mostly
OlivettiJP350SWorks perfectly
OlivettiJP450Works partially
OlivettiJP470Works perfectly
OlivettiPG 306Works perfectly
OlympusP-10Works mostly
OlympusP-11Works mostly
OlympusP-200Works mostly
OlympusP-300EWorks mostly
OlympusP-300NEWorks mostly
OlympusP-300UWorks mostly
OlympusP-330EWorks mostly
OlympusP-330NEWorks mostly
OlympusP-400Works mostly
OlympusP-440Works mostly
PCPI1030Works perfectly
PanasonicKX-P1123Works perfectly
PanasonicKX-P1124Works perfectly
PanasonicKX-P1150Works perfectly
PanasonicKX-P1180iWorks partially
PanasonicKX-P1624Works partially
PanasonicKX-P2023Works perfectly
PanasonicKX-P2123Works mostly
PanasonicKX-P2135Works perfectly
PanasonicKX-P2150Works perfectly
PanasonicKX-P4410Works perfectly
PanasonicKX-P4450Works perfectly
PanasonicKX-P5400Works perfectly
PanasonicKX-P6100None - Paperweight
PanasonicKX-P6150Works mostly
PanasonicKX-P6300 GDINone - Paperweight
PanasonicKX-P6500Works partially
PanasonicKX-P8410None - Paperweight
PanasonicKX-P8420Works perfectly
PanasonicKX-P8475Works perfectly
PanasonicKX-PS600Works partially
PanasonicKX-Pxxxx 24-pinWorks partially
PentaxPocketJet 200Works perfectly
PentaxPocketJet IIWorks perfectly
Printrex820 DLWorks partially
QMS2425 Turbo EXWorks perfectly
QMSLPK-100Works perfectly
QMSmagicolor 2None - Paperweight
QMSmagicolor 2+Works perfectly
QMSps-810Works mostly
RavenLP-410Works mostly
Ricoh4081Works perfectly
Ricoh4801Works perfectly
Ricoh6000Works perfectly
RicohAficio 1022Works perfectly
RicohAficio 1027Works perfectly
RicohAficio 1032Works perfectly
RicohAficio 1035Works perfectly
RicohAficio 1045Works perfectly
RicohAficio 1060Works perfectly
RicohAficio 1075Works perfectly
RicohAficio 1224CWorks perfectly
RicohAficio 1232CWorks perfectly
RicohAficio 1515Works perfectly
RicohAficio 2015Works perfectly
RicohAficio 2016Works perfectly
RicohAficio 2018Works perfectly
RicohAficio 2018DWorks perfectly
RicohAficio 2020Works perfectly
RicohAficio 2020DWorks perfectly
RicohAficio 2022Works perfectly
RicohAficio 2027Works perfectly
RicohAficio 2032Works perfectly
RicohAficio 2035Works perfectly
RicohAficio 2035eWorks perfectly
RicohAficio 2045Works perfectly
RicohAficio 2045eWorks perfectly
RicohAficio 2051Works perfectly
RicohAficio 2060Works perfectly
RicohAficio 2075Works perfectly
RicohAficio 2090Works perfectly
RicohAficio 2105Works perfectly
RicohAficio 220Works perfectly
RicohAficio 2228CWorks perfectly
RicohAficio 2232CWorks perfectly
RicohAficio 2238CWorks perfectly
RicohAficio 3025Works perfectly
RicohAficio 3030Works perfectly
RicohAficio 3035Works perfectly
RicohAficio 3045Works perfectly
RicohAficio 3224CWorks perfectly
RicohAficio 3228CWorks perfectly
RicohAficio 3232CWorks perfectly
RicohAficio 3235CWorks perfectly
RicohAficio 3245CWorks perfectly
RicohAficio 3260CWorks perfectly
RicohAficio 401Works mostly
RicohAficio 700Works perfectly
RicohAficio AP2000Works perfectly
RicohAficio AP2600Works perfectly
RicohAficio AP2600NWorks perfectly
RicohAficio AP2610Works perfectly
RicohAficio AP2610NWorks perfectly
RicohAficio AP3200Works perfectly
RicohAficio AP3800CWorks perfectly
RicohAficio AP400Works perfectly
RicohAficio AP400NWorks perfectly
RicohAficio AP410Works perfectly
RicohAficio AP410NWorks perfectly
RicohAficio AP4510Works perfectly
RicohAficio AP600NWorks perfectly
RicohAficio AP610NWorks perfectly
RicohAficio AP900Works perfectly
RicohAficio Aficio 5206Works mostly
RicohAficio CL1000NWorks perfectly
RicohAficio CL2000Works perfectly
RicohAficio CL3000Works perfectly
RicohAficio CL3000eWorks perfectly
RicohAficio CL3100Works perfectly
RicohAficio CL3500NWorks perfectly
RicohAficio CL4000DNWorks perfectly
RicohAficio CL4000HDNWorks perfectly
RicohAficio CL5000Works perfectly
RicohAficio CL7000Works perfectly
RicohAficio CL7100Works perfectly
RicohAficio CL7200Works perfectly
RicohAficio CL7300Works perfectly
RicohAficio Color5560Works perfectly
RicohAficio MP 1100Works perfectly
RicohAficio MP 1350Works perfectly
RicohAficio MP 1600Works perfectly
RicohAficio MP 161Works perfectly
RicohAficio MP 2000Works perfectly
RicohAficio MP 2510Works perfectly
RicohAficio MP 3010Works perfectly
RicohAficio MP 3500Works perfectly
RicohAficio MP 4500Works perfectly
RicohAficio MP 5500Works perfectly
RicohAficio MP 6500Works perfectly
RicohAficio MP 7500Works perfectly
RicohAficio MP 9000Works perfectly
RicohAficio MP C2500Works perfectly
RicohAficio MP C3000Works perfectly
RicohAficio MP C3500Works perfectly
RicohAficio MP C4500Works perfectly
RicohAficio SP 8100DNWorks perfectly
RicohAficio SP 9100DNWorks perfectly
RicohAficio SP C410DNWorks perfectly
RicohAficio SP C411DNWorks perfectly
RicohAficio SP C811DNWorks perfectly
RicohAfico FX10None - Paperweight
RicohColorLaser AP828Works perfectly
RicohDDP 70Works perfectly
RicohDDP 92Works perfectly
RicohEMP 156Works perfectly
RicohFAX5510L/5510NFWorks perfectly
RicohLASER AP2600Works perfectly
RicohLASER AP2600NWorks perfectly
RicohLASER AP2610Works perfectly
RicohLASER AP2610NWorks perfectly
RicohMP C1500/615CWorks perfectly
RicohRPDL I Laser PrinterWorks perfectly
RicohRPDL II Laser PrinterWorks perfectly
RicohRPDL III Laser PrinterWorks perfectly
RicohRPDL IV Laser PrinterWorks perfectly
SamsungCLP-300Works partially
SamsungCLP-500Works partially
SamsungCLP-510Works partially
SamsungCLP-600Works partially
SamsungML-1000Works perfectly
SamsungML-1010Works perfectly
SamsungML-1020Works perfectly
SamsungML-1200Works perfectly
SamsungML-1210Works perfectly
SamsungML-1220Works perfectly
SamsungML-1250Works perfectly
SamsungML-1410Works perfectly
SamsungML-1430Works perfectly
SamsungML-1440Works perfectly
SamsungML-1450Works perfectly
SamsungML-1450PSWorks perfectly
SamsungML-1510Works perfectly
SamsungML-1520Works perfectly
SamsungML-1610Works perfectly
SamsungML-1650Works perfectly
SamsungML-1651NWorks perfectly
SamsungML-1710Works perfectly
SamsungML-1740Works perfectly
SamsungML-1750Works perfectly
SamsungML-200Works perfectly
SamsungML-2010Works perfectly
SamsungML-210Works perfectly
SamsungML-2150Works perfectly
SamsungML-2150PSWorks perfectly
SamsungML-2151NWorks perfectly
SamsungML-2151NPSWorks perfectly
SamsungML-2152WWorks perfectly
SamsungML-2152WPSWorks perfectly
SamsungML-2250Works mostly
SamsungML-2550Works perfectly
SamsungML-2551NWorks perfectly
SamsungML-2552WWorks perfectly
SamsungML-4500Works perfectly
SamsungML-4600Works perfectly
SamsungML-5000aWorks perfectly
SamsungML-5050GNone - Paperweight
SamsungML-5080Works perfectly
SamsungML-6000Works perfectly
SamsungML-6040Works perfectly
SamsungML-6100Works perfectly
SamsungML-7000Works perfectly
SamsungML-7000NWorks perfectly
SamsungML-7000PWorks perfectly
SamsungML-7050Works perfectly
SamsungML-7300Works perfectly
SamsungML-7300NWorks perfectly
SamsungML-85Works perfectly
SamsungML-85GWorks mostly
SamsungQL-5100AWorks perfectly
SamsungQL-6050Works perfectly
SamsungQL-85GWorks mostly
SamsungSF/MSYS/MJ-4700/4800/4500CNone - Paperweight
SamsungSI-630AWorks perfectly
Savin2522Works perfectly
Savin2527Works perfectly
Savin2532Works perfectly
Savin2535/2235Works perfectly
Savin2545/2245Works perfectly
Savin2560Works perfectly
Savin2575Works perfectly
Savin3515Works perfectly
Savin40105Works perfectly
Savin4015Works perfectly
Savin4018Works perfectly
Savin4018dWorks perfectly
Savin4022Works perfectly
Savin4027Works perfectly
Savin4035/4135gWorks perfectly
Savin4035e/4135eGWorks perfectly
Savin4045/4145gWorks perfectly
Savin4045e/4145eGWorks perfectly
Savin4051Works perfectly
Savin4060Works perfectly
Savin4075Works perfectly
Savin4090Works perfectly
Savin8016Works perfectly
Savin8020Works perfectly
Savin8020dWorks perfectly
Savin8025Works perfectly
Savin8025eWorks perfectly
Savin8030Works perfectly
Savin8030eWorks perfectly
Savin8035/8035gWorks perfectly
Savin8035eWorks perfectly
Savin8045/8045gWorks perfectly
Savin8045eWorks perfectly
Savin8055Works perfectly
Savin8065Works perfectly
Savin8075Works perfectly
Savin8090Works perfectly
Savin8110Works perfectly
Savin8135Works perfectly
Savin816Works perfectly
Savin9016Works perfectly
Savin9021dWorks perfectly
SavinC2408Works perfectly
SavinC2410Works perfectly
SavinC2524Works perfectly
SavinC2525Works perfectly
SavinC2532Works perfectly
SavinC2820Works perfectly
SavinC2824Works perfectly
SavinC3030Works perfectly
SavinC3210Works perfectly
SavinC3210eWorks perfectly
SavinC3224Works perfectly
SavinC3528Works perfectly
SavinC3535Works perfectly
SavinC3828Works perfectly
SavinC4535Works perfectly
SavinC4540Works perfectly
SavinC6045Works perfectly
SavinCLP1036Works perfectly
SavinCLP128Works perfectly
SavinCLP135Works perfectly
SavinCLP1620Works perfectly
SavinCLP17Works perfectly
SavinCLP18Works perfectly
SavinCLP22Works perfectly
SavinCLP240DWorks perfectly
SavinCLP26DNWorks perfectly
SavinCLP27DNWorks perfectly
SavinCLP28Works perfectly
SavinCLP31DNWorks perfectly
SavinCLP35Works perfectly
SavinCLP831Works perfectly
SavinFAX3799/3799nfWorks perfectly
SavinMLP145Works perfectly
SavinMLP175nWorks perfectly
SavinMLP25Works perfectly
SavinMLP25nWorks perfectly
SavinMLP26Works perfectly
SavinMLP26nWorks perfectly
SavinMLP28Works perfectly
SavinMLP28nWorks perfectly
SavinMLP32Works perfectly
SavinMLP35nWorks perfectly
SavinMLP45Works perfectly
SavinMLP75nWorks perfectly
SavinSDC555Works perfectly
SavinSGC 1506Works perfectly
SavinSLP26Works perfectly
SavinSLP26nWorks perfectly
SavinSLP32Works perfectly
SavinSLP38cWorks perfectly
SeikoSLPWorks mostly
SeikoSLP 120Works mostly
SeikoSLP 220Works mostly
SeikoSLP EZ30Works mostly
SeikoSLP PlusWorks mostly
SeikoSLP ProWorks mostly
SeikoSLP-100Works mostly
SeikoSLP-200Works mostly
SeikoSLP-240Works mostly
SeikoSpeedJET 200Works perfectly
SharpAJ-1800Works mostly
SharpAJ-1805Works mostly
SharpAJ-2000Works mostly
SharpAJ-2005Works mostly
SharpAJ-2100None - Paperweight
SharpAR-161Works perfectly
SiPixPocket Printer A6Works mostly
SonyIJP-V100Works mostly
SonyUP-DP10Works mostly
SonyUP-DR150Works mostly
StarJJ-100Works perfectly
StarLC 90Works mostly
StarLC24-100Works perfectly
StarLC24-200Works mostly
StarLS-04Works perfectly
StarLaserPrinter 8Works mostly
StarNL-10Works perfectly
StarNX-1001Works mostly
StarStarJet 48Works mostly
StarWinType 4000None - Paperweight
TallyMT908Works perfectly
Tektronix3693d color printer, 8-bit modeWorks perfectly
Tektronix4693d color printer, 2-bit modeWorks perfectly
Tektronix4693d color printer, 4-bit modeWorks perfectly
Tektronix4695Works perfectly
Tektronix4696Works perfectly
Tektronix4697Works perfectly
TektronixPhaser 350Works mostly
TektronixPhaser 780Works perfectly
TektronixPhaser 850Works perfectly
TektronixPhaser IISXWorks perfectly
TektronixPhaser PXWorks perfectly
ToshibaDP2570Works mostly
ToshibaGL 1010Works perfectly
ToshibaGL 1020Works perfectly
Toshibae-Studio 165Works perfectly
Toshibae-Studio 200LWorks perfectly
Toshibae-Studio 202LWorks perfectly
Toshibae-Studio 205Works perfectly
Toshibae-Studio 230Works perfectly
Toshibae-Studio 232Works perfectly
Toshibae-Studio 2500cWorks perfectly
Toshibae-Studio 280Works perfectly
Toshibae-Studio 281cWorks perfectly
Toshibae-Studio 282Works perfectly
Toshibae-Studio 350Works perfectly
Toshibae-Studio 3500cWorks perfectly
Toshibae-Studio 3510cWorks perfectly
Toshibae-Studio 3511Works perfectly
Toshibae-Studio 351cWorks perfectly
Toshibae-Studio 352Works perfectly
Toshibae-Studio 450Works perfectly
Toshibae-Studio 4511Works perfectly
Toshibae-Studio 451cWorks perfectly
Toshibae-Studio 452Works perfectly
Toshibae-Studio 520Works perfectly
Toshibae-Studio 600Works perfectly
Toshibae-Studio 720Works perfectly
Toshibae-Studio 850Works perfectly
Xerox2700 XESWorks perfectly
Xerox3700 XESWorks perfectly
Xerox4045 XESWorks perfectly
XeroxAble 1406Works mostly
XeroxDocuPrint 4508Works perfectly
XeroxDocuPrint C11Works partially
XeroxDocuPrint C20Works perfectly
XeroxDocuPrint C55Works perfectly
XeroxDocuPrint C6Works mostly
XeroxDocuPrint C8Works partially
XeroxDocuPrint M750Works mostly
XeroxDocuPrint M760Works mostly
XeroxDocuPrint N17Works perfectly
XeroxDocuPrint N32Works perfectly
XeroxDocuPrint N4512Works perfectly
XeroxDocuPrint N4512PSWorks perfectly
XeroxDocuPrint P12Works mostly
XeroxDocuPrint P1202Works mostly
XeroxDocuPrint P8None - Paperweight
XeroxDocuPrint P8eWorks mostly
XeroxDocuPrint XJ6CWorks partially
XeroxDocuPrint XJ8CWorks partially
XeroxDocument Centre 400Works perfectly
XeroxDocument HomecentreWorks partially
XeroxWorkCentre 385None - Paperweight
XeroxWorkCentre 450cpWorks partially
XeroxWorkCentre 470cxWorks partially
XeroxWorkCentre XD120fNone - Paperweight
XeroxWorkCentre XE80None - Paperweight
XeroxWorkCentre XE90fxNone - Paperweight
XeroxWorkCentre XK35cWorks partially

The following is old information and will be removed in a future revision of this document:

  • HP LaserJet 4 series - free-lj4, printing modes control program here

  • BiTronics parallel port interface here

  • Epson Stylus Color 850. Use Magicfilter with either of the filters 'stylus800-filter', 'stylus_color_360dpi-filter' or 'stylus_color_720dpi-filter'.

23.1. Ghostscript

Many Linux programs output PostScript files. Non-PostScript printers can emulate PostScript Level 2 using Ghostscript.

23.1.1. Ghostscript 5.1 supported printers

  • Apple Imagewriter

  • Apple Dot Matrix printer

  • Apple StyleWriter 2x00 (bjc600)

  • Brother HL-660 (ljet4)

  • C. Itoh M8510

  • Canon BubbleJet BJ10e, BJ20 (bj10e)

  • Canon BubbleJet BJ100, BJ200, BJC-210 (B/W only), BJC-240 (B/W only), BJC-250 (B/W only), BJC-70 (B/W only) (bj200)

  • Canon BubbleJet BJC-600, BJC-610, BJC-4000, BJC-4100 (B/W only), BJC-4200, BJC-4300, BJC-4400, BJC-4550, BJC-210, BJC-450, MultiPASS C2500, BJC-240, BJC-70 (bjc600)

  • Canon BubbleJet BJC-800, BJC-7000 (bjc800)

  • Canon Bubblejet BJC-610 (uniprint)

  • Canon LBP-8II, LIPS III

  • DEC LA50/70/75/75plus

  • DEC LN03, LJ250 (decl250)

  • Epson 9 pin, 24 pin, LQ series, AP3250

  • Epson Stylus Color/Color II/400/500/600/800 (stcolor)

  • Epson Stylus Color/Color II/500/600/800/1520 (uniprint)

  • Fujitsu 3400,2400,1200

  • HP 2563B

  • HP DesignJet 650C

  • HP DeskJet, Deskjet Plus (deskjet)

  • HP Deskjet 500, Deskjet Portable (djet500)

  • HP Deskjet 500C (cdeskjet)

  • HP Deskjet 550C (uniprint)

  • HP DeskJet 400/500C/520C/540C/690C/693C (cdj500)

  • HP DeskJet 550C/560C/600/660C/660Cse/682C/683C/693C/694C/695C/850/870Cse (cdj550)

  • HP DeskJet 850/855/870Cse/870Cxi/890C/672C/680/1100C (cdj850)

  • HP DeskJet 500C/510/520/5540C/693C printing black only (cdjmono)

  • HP DeskJet 600 (lj4dith)

  • HP DeskJet 600/870Cse, LaserJet 5/5L/6L (ljet4)

  • HP Deskjet 600/1200C/1600C (pjxl300)

  • HP Deskjet 500/500C/510/520/540/550C/560C/850C/855C and other PCL3 printers here

  • HP Deskjet 710, 720, 820 and 1000 series here

  • HP Paintjet (pjtest)

  • HP Paintjet XL (pjxltest)

  • HP PaintJet XL300 (pjxl300)

  • HP LaserJet/Plus/II/III/4/5/6

  • IBM 3853 Jetprinter color

  • IBM Proprinter

  • Imagen ImPress

  • Lexmark Optra E+ (ljet4)

  • Mitsubishi CP50 color

  • NEC P6/P6+/P60

  • NEC Pinwriter P2X (uniprint)

  • NEC SuperScript 860 (ljetplus)

  • Oki OL410ex LED (ljet4)

  • Okidata MicroLine 182

  • Ricoh 4081/6000 (r4081)

  • SPARCprinter

  • StarJet 48 inkjet printer

  • Tektronix 4693d color 2/4/8 bit

  • Tektronix 4695/4696 inkjet plotter

  • Xerox XES printers (2700, 3700, 4045, etc.)

23.1.2. Alpha, Beta drivers

  • Epson Stylus Color 440

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