16. Tape drives

16.1. Supported

  • SCSI tape drives (From the SCSI HOWTO) Drives using both fixed and variable length blocks smaller than the driver buffer length (set to 32k in the distribution sources) are supported. Virtually all drives should work. (Send mail if you know of any incompatible drives.)

    • Seagate Sidewinder 50 AIT (on ICP 6527 RAID-controller)

  • QIC-02 drives

  • Iomega Ditto internal (ftape 3.04c and newer)

16.2. Alpha, Beta drivers

  • QIC-117, QIC-40/80, QIC-3010/3020 (QIC-WIDE) drives Most tape drives using the floppy controller should work. Various dedicated controllers (Colorado FC-10/FC-20, Mountain Mach-2, Iomega Tape Controller II) are also supported here

  • ATAPI tape drives For these an alpha driver (ide-tape.c) is available in the kernel. ATAPI tape drives supported are

    • Seagate TapeStor 8000

    • Conner CTMA 4000 IDE ATAPI Streaming tape drive

16.3. Unsupported

  • Emerald and Tecmar QIC-02 tape controller cards - Chris Ulrich < insom@math.ucr.edu >

  • Drives that connect to the parallel port (eg: Colorado Trakker)

  • Some high speed tape controllers (Colorado TC-15)

  • Irwin AX250L/Accutrak 250 (not QIC-80)

  • IBM Internal Tape Backup Unit (not QIC-80)

  • COREtape Light

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