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8. FAQ

  • Q: Can you run a Linux kernel on the Netstation A: Depending on the type you have you can get linux running. Both 2200 and 2800 models are running Linux out of the box. As of november 2002 we have a succesful boot of a linux kernel on an IBM Netstation 1000. I'm waiting for feedback on the 110, 300 types. The 100 is not running linux at the moment, it has no MMU so therefore the Linux port is a bit more difficult.
  • Q: Are there any mailing lists about the Netstation A: Take a look to the Other Usefull Documentation part in this howto ..
  • Q: I have a 2200 or a 2800 and the instructions in your HOWTO don't work QM The 2200 and 2800 are not based on the PPC architecture anymore , they have a more frequently used chipset which is supported by Linux and these things run Linux natively.
  • Q: I have no AIX available how can I unpack the kernel A: There is a new section in the howto that describes how to use another way to do this.
  • Q: I get an Invalid Kernel Type while trying to boot the NC. A: You didn't run the agree script on your aix machine.
  • Q: I log in at the remote host and my keyboard settings are incorrect. A: I use no  /.Xmodap when working on the NC. This keeps my keyboardsettings perfect.

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