CompaqT1500-Linux HOWTO

Thomas Chiverton

Revision History
Revision 1.042007-9-1Revised by: tjc
Correct XF86Config URL, spellings
Revision 1.032006-1-13Revised by: tjc
Note about root-path option and refusing DHCP OFFER, notes on booting own kernel !
Revision 1.022005-4-22Revised by: tjc
URL change, tweaks, solution to NFS null !
Revision 1.012002-3-17Revised by: gea
Conversion to Docbook format
Revision 1.02002-03-11Revised by: tjc
LDP release
Revision 0.852001-12-13Revised by: tjc
Security hints. XFree.
Revision 0.82001-12-13Revised by: tjc
Kernel transfer problem fix (NFS null). General tidy.
Revision 0.72001-09-11Revised by: tjc
Much FLASHing and mounting notes added
Revision 0.612001-08-20Revised by: tjc
Tweak debian unpack notes. Add URL. Notes on re-FLASH
Revision 0.62001-07-28Revised by: tjc
Add example syslog output. Add in securetty changes
Revision 0.52001-07-28Revised by: tjc
Initial release for feedback, comments from community


Lists the procedures and tools needed to boot the Compaq T1500, using a Netboot of both the native file system and a generic Linux installation.

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