The openMosix HOWTO

Live free() or die()

Kris Buytaert

and Others

Revision History
Revision v1.0.318 june 2004
Minor Fixes
Revision v1.0.229 july 2003
RPM Build
Revision v1.0.119 july 2003
Major updates
Revision v1.009 july 2003
Minor updates
Revision v1.011 may 2003
At last
Revision v1.0 RC 107 may 2003
Major Cleaning
Revision v0.9504 april 2003
Replaced ClumpOS by PlumpOS
Revision v0.9425 february 2003
Patches by Mirko Caserta
Revision v0.9316 february 2003
Extra features and fixes
Revision v0.9221 january 2003
Revision v0.9127 september 2002
Revision v0.9003 september 2002
Revision v0.7126 August 2002
Spleling Fexis
Revision v0.7022 August 2002
Stripped out empty parts, replaced Mosixview with openMosixView
Revision v0.506 July 2002
First openMosix HOWTO
Revision v0.205 July 2002
Latest Mosix HOWTO (for now)
Revision v0.1728 June 2002
Revision v0.1513 March 2002
Revision v0.1318 Feb 2002
Revision ALPHA 0.0309 October 2001

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