14.3. the openMosix stress-test

by Matt Rechenburg

14.3.1. General description

This stress test is made to test an openMosix cluster + kernel. It will perform several application + kernel tests for checking the stability and other features of openMosix (e.g. process migration, mfs, ...). During this test the cluster will be mostly loaded so you should stop other running applications before starting it. When it finished it generates a fully detailed report about each component which was tested.

14.3.2. Detailed description

The openMosix stress-test runs several programs to check the functionality of the whole system. In the following part you will find a description of each test-application:

  • distkeygen: This applicaton is used to generate 4000 RSA key pairs with 1024 bits of key length. It is destributed into as many processes as processors in your openMosix cluster via fork.

    Requires : gcc compiler and OpenSSL library Copyright (C) 2001 Ying-Hung Chen (GPL) http://www.yingternet.com/mosix

  • portfolio 'portfolio' is a perl program that simulate a portfolios for various stock composition for a given period of time. This method is base on the book "The intelligent asset allocator" by William Bernstein.

    This program is licensed under GPL Author: Charles-E. Nadeau Ph.D., (c) 2002 E-mail address: charlesnadeau AT hotmail DOT com

  • eatmem : Simply calculates sin+sqrt from a value 1000000 times and outputs it outputs the loop count to a file (which will grow a lot) This tests is started as many times at once as many processors you have in your openMosix cluster automatically.

  • forkit: The 'forkit' test is similar to the 'eatmem' test but uses fork to create multiple process (3*[processors_in_your_openMosix_cluster]) expect it does not write to files.

  • mfstest This will create a 10MB file and copy it to all nodes back and forth. It is for checking the oMFS capabilities.

  • kernel syscall test: The Linux Test Project is a joint project with SGI, IBM, OSDL, and Bull with a goal to deliver test suites to the open source community that validate the reliability, robustness, and stability of Linux. The Linux Test Project is a collection of tools for testing the Linux kernel and related features. The goal is to improve the Linux kernel by bring test automation to the kernel testing effort. Interested open source contributors are encouraged to join the project. For more informations visit : http://ltp.sf.net

  • moving: The 'moving.sh' will move the 'start_openMosix_test.sh' around each node in your openMosix cluster while running the stress-test itself. So 'start_openMosix_test.sh' will migrate every minute to another node during the test-run. Dependent on how long the test will run on your cluster it will be migrated 20-40 times.

14.3.3. Installing the strestest suite

First of all download the rpm or source package from http://www.openmosixview.com/omtest/

  • using the source package :

    Unzip and untar the openMosix stress-test with the following commands in e.g. /usr/local:

              gunzip omtest.tar.gz
              tar -xvf omtest.gz
    Then 'cd' into the /usr/local/omtest directory and execute:
    This will install the required perl modules and compile the test-programs. The installation of these modules requires root-privileges. Later you can run the openMosix stress-test also as a regular user. (you maybe have to delete old temporary files from root's test-runs in /tmp because you won't have the permission to overwrite it as regular user) You are ready to run the test now with the command:

  • using the RPM-package

    There are some requirements to be met when installing the omtest.rpm, you will need e.g expect and compat-libstdc++-7.3-2.96.110 (If you are on RH 8.0) Just install the omtest.rpm with the following command:

              rpm -ihv omtest.rpm
    Now you can start the openMosix stress test with the command:
    (The RPM-package will be installed in /usr/local/omtest) (Please not that the RPM wil allso install some perl modules).

14.3.4. Running the tests

[root@dhcp51 omtest]# ./start_openMosix_test.sh

starting the openMosix stress test now!

the results will be saved in : /tmp/openMosix-stress-test-report-03/16/2003-11:27:02.txt

oMFS is not mounted at /mfs! oMFS-test will be disabled.
Please mount oMFS before running this openMosix-test
You will find instructions how to configure and use oMFS at:

(return to continue, ctrl-c for cancel)

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