19. Credits

Special thanks to Grant Taylor for creating this HOWTO and to Till Kampeter for foomatic and his expert advice.

The smbprint information is from an article by Marcel Roelofs <marcel@paragon.nl>.

The nprint information for using Netware printers was provided by Michael Smith <mikes@bioch.ox.ac.uk>.

The serial printers under lpd section is from Andrew Tefft <teffta@engr.dnet.ge.com>.

The blurb about gammas and such for gs was sent in by Andreas<quasi@hub-fue.franken.de>.

The two paragraphs about the 30 second closing_wait of the serial driver was contributed by Chris Johnson <cdj@netcom.com>.

Robert Hart sent a few excellent paragraphs about setting up a print server to networked HPs which Grant used verbatim.

And special thanks to the dozens upon dozens of you who've pointed out typos, bad URLs, and errors in the document over the years.

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