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Root RAID HOWTO cookbook

Michael A. Robinton,

v1.13, July 17, 2000

This document only applys to the OLD raidtools, versions 0.50 and under. The workarounds and solutions addressed in this write up have largely been made obsolete by the vast improvment in the 0.90 raidtools and accompanying kernel patch to the 2.0.37, 2.2x and 2.3x series kernels. You may find the detailed descriptions useful, particularly if you plan to run root raid or use initrd. Check these links for a reference to set up of Boot Root Raid using conventional LILO and accompanying initrd working scripts. What follows is the description of the now OBSOLETE Root RAID HOWTO. This document was originally written to provide a cookbook for creating a root mounted raid filesystem and companion fallback rescue system using linux initrd. There are complete step-by-step instruction for both raid1 and raid5 md0 devices. Each step is accompanied by an explanation of it's purpose. Included with this revision is a generic linuxrc initrd file which may be configured with a single three line /etc/raidboot.conf file for raid1 and raid5 configurations.

1. Introduction

2. What you need BEFORE YOU START

3. Quick Start for ROOT RAID

4. initrd Cookbook for root mounted RAID

5. Configuring the Production RAID system.

6. Building the RAID file system.

7. One last thought.

8. Appendix A. - Bohumil Chalupa's md0 shutdown

9. Appendix B. - Sample SHUTDOWN scripts

10. Appendix C. - other setup files

11. Appendix D. - obsolete linuxrc and shutdown scripts

12. Appendix E. - Gadi's raid stop patch for the linux kernel

13. Appendix F. - rc.raidown

14. Appendix G. - linuxrc theory of operation

15. Appendix H. Setting up ROOT RAID on RedHat

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