7. References

Apart from the web sites referenced, here are some books and documents we found to be useful:

  • Application Note: Using DiskOnChip Under Linux With M-Systems Driver,RTD Embedded Technologies Inc.,SWM-640000016A

  • Installation Manual for DiskOnChip TrueFFS driver for Linux ,M-Systems

  • Building Embedded Linux Systems, Karim Yaghmour.O.reilly,First Edition, April 2003

  • Installation Manual IM-DOC-021,Using the DiskOnChip with Linux OS,Ron Dick, Esther Spanjer, Vadim Khmelnitsky, M-Systems

  • Installation Guide available with M-Systems TrueFFS Linux driver version 5.1.4

  • Understanding the Linux Kernel, Daniel P. Bovet & Marco Cesati, O.reilly, Second Edition, March 2002.

  • Booting Linux: The History and the Future, Werner Almesberger, June 25,2000

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