5.6. Code Updates

Code changes are made fairly frequently in the CVS repository. Announcements of this are automatically sent to the lvm-commit list.

You can update your copy of the sources to match the master repository with the update command. It is not necessary to check out a new copy. Using update is significantly faster and simpler, as it will download only patches instead of entire files and update only those files that have changed since your last update. It will automatically merge any changes in the CVS repository with any local changes you have made as well. Just cd to the directory you'd like to update and then type the following.

 # cvs update 

If you did not specify a tag when you checked out the source, this will update your sources to the latest version on the main branch. If you specified a branch tag, it will update to the latest version on that branch. If you specified a version tag, it will not do anything.

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