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20. Other Sources of Information

20.1 Misc

  • man pages for: agetty(8), getty(1m), gettydefs(5), init(1), isapnp(8), login(1), mgetty(8), setserial(8)
  • Your modem manual (if it exists). Some modems come without manuals.
  • Serial Suite by Vern Hoxie is a collection of blurbs about the care and feeding of the Linux serial port plus some simple programs.
  • The Linux serial mailing list. To subscribe, send email to, with ``subscribe linux-serial'' in the message body. If you send ``help'' in the message body, you get a help message. The server also serves many other Linux lists. Send the ``lists'' command for a list of mailing lists.

20.2 Books

I've been unable to find a good up-to-date book on modems.

  • The Complete Modem Reference by Gilbert Held, 1997. Contains too much info about obsolete topics. More up-to-date info may be found on the Internet.
  • Modems For Dummies by Tina Rathbone, 1996. (Have never seen it.)
  • The Modem Technical Guide by Douglas Anderson, 1996.
  • Ultimate Modem Handbook by Cass R. Lewart, 1998.
  • Black, Uyless D.: Physical Layer Interfaces & Protocols, IEEE Computer Society Press, Los Alamitos, CA, 1996.

20.3 HOWTOs

  • Cable-Modem mini-howto
  • SuSE ISDN Howto (not a LDP Howto) or
  • Linux-Modem-Sharing mini-howto. Computers on a network share a single modem for dial-out (like a shared printer).
  • Modems-HOWTO: In French (Not used in creating this Modem-HOWTO)
  • NET-3-4-HOWTO: all about networking, including SLIP, CSLIP, and PPP
  • PPP-HOWTO: help with PPP including modem set-up
  • Serial-HOWTO has info on Multiport Serial Cards used for terminals, etc. Covers the serial port in more detail than in this HOWTO.
  • Serial-Programming-HOWTO: for some aspects of serial-port programming
  • Text-Terminal-HOWTO: (including connecting up with modems)
  • UUCP-HOWTO: for information on setting up UUCP

20.4 Usenet newsgroups

  • comp.os.linux.answers; FAQs, How-To's, READMEs, etc. about Linux.
  • comp.os.linux.hardware; Hardware compatibility with the Linux operating system.
  • comp.os.linux.setup; Linux installation and system administration.
  • comp.dcom.modems; Modems for all OS's

20.5 Old Modem Database on Internet

Rob Clark had a huge database of modems but it doesn't seem to have been maintained since 2003. The website URLs have changed many times. Right now (mid 2006), it seems that only these two mirrors work:

Modem List mirror1
Modem List mirror2

20.6 Other Web Sites

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