5. Acknowledgements

I would like to express my sincere thanks and immeasurable respect to:

  • Phillip Lougher - for his brilliant work under squashfs, for creating an exculsive patch for linux-2.4.18, for his help with polishing this howto and answers to my mails

  • Tabatha Marshall at TLDP for helping me with bringing this HOWTO to the final 1.0 release

  • Everybody at The Linux Documentation Project for their great work under all the HOWTOs and guides that helped me a lot with exploring and hacking Linux

  • All those at the TLDP mailing lists who helped me with getting started

  • Endless thanks and respect to everybody who develops open-source software

Artemiy I. Pavlov

I want to thank Artemiy for his patience answering my emails, allowing me to work to this howto. I would express also my thanks and respect to everybody who is involved in free software

Marco Cecchetti

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