25.5. Maillists

Lists of maillists are available at:

Major Mailinglists are listed in following table:

FocusRequest e-mail addressWhat to subscribeMaillist e-mail addressLanguageAccess through WWW
Linux kernel networking including IPv6majordomo (at) vger.kernel.orgnetdevnetdev (at) vger.kernel.orgEnglishInfo, Archive
Mobile IP(v6) for LinuxWeb-based, see URLmiplmipl (at) mobile-ipv6.orgEnglishInfo, Archive
Linux IPv6 users using USAGI extensionusagi-users-ctl (at) linux-ipv6.org usagi-users (at) linux-ipv6.orgEnglishInfo / Search, Archive
IPv6 on Debian Linux  debian-ipv6 (at) lists.debian.orgEnglishInfo/Subscription/Archive
6bonemajordomo (at) isi.edu6bone6bone (at) isi.eduEnglishInfo, Archive
IPv6 users in generalmajordomo (at) ipv6.orgusersusers (at) ipv6.orgEnglishInfo, Archive
Bugtracking of Internet applications (1)bugtraq-subscribe (at) securityfocus.com bugtraq (at) securityfocus.com (2)EnglishInfo, Archive

(1) very recommended if you provide server applications.

(2) list is moderated.

Something missing? Suggestions are welcome!

Following other maillinglists & newsgroups are available via web:

  • student-ipv6 (India) Description: This is the group for the Student Awareness group of IPv6 in India

  • sun-ipv6-users Description: Please report problems/suggestions regarding SUN Microsystems IPng implementation

  • IPv6-BITS Description: This List will co-ordinate the working of Project Vertebrae.

  • linux-bangalore-ipv6 Description: The IPv6 deployment list of the Bangalore Linux User Group

  • packet-switching Description: This mailing list provides a forum for discussion of packet switching theory, technology, implementation and application in any relevant aspect including without limitation LAPB, X.25, SDLC, P802.1d, LLC, IP, IPv6, IPX, DECNET, APPLETALK, FR, PPP, IP Telephony, LAN PBX systems, management protocols like SNMP, e-mail, network transparent window systems, protocol implementation, protocol verification, conformance testing and tools used in maintaining or developing packet switching systems.

  • de.comm.protocols.tcp-ip Description: Umstellung auf IPv6 Source: Chartas der Newsgruppen in de.*

  • Google Group: comp.protocols.tcp-ip

  • Google Group: linux.debian.maint.ipv6

  • Google Group: microsoft.public.platformsdk.networking.ipv6

  • Google Group: fa.openbsd.ipv6

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