12.1. Using Minicom to give commands to a modem

Minicom is a full-screen serial terminal emulation package, very much like the classic Telix terminal emulator for MS-DOS.

Firstly, start Minicom in configuration mode with the command:

bash# minicom -o -s

The following menu appears:

Filenames and paths
File transfer protocols
Serial port setup
Modem and dialing
Screen and keyboard
Save setup as dfl
Save setup as..
Exit from Minicom

Select Serial port setup and set

A - Serial Device: /dev/ttyS0
B - Lockfile Location: /var/lock
C - Callin Program:
D - Callout Program:
E - Bps/Par/Bits: 9600 8N1
F - Hardware Flow Control: Yes
G - Software Flow Control: No

Now save the configuration

Give name to save this configuration?
> console

and exit Minicom.

To configure a modem use the command minicom -o console to start Minicom without sending an initialization string to the modem. Now issue the AT commands to configure the modem.

When finished use the Quit option to leave Minicom without sending a reset string to the modem; this option is Alt-Q.

Sometimes Minicom will use Ctrl-A rather than Alt to access the menu system, look for a hint in Minicom's start up message:

Press ALT-Z for help on special keys
Press CTRL-A Z for help on special keys

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