E.5. Livingston/Lucent Portmaster

Firstly configure the terminal server, as shown in Figure E-2. This figure uses the system name example, with IP address, address mask, gateway address, and DNS server address Replace these addresses with the addresses used in your network.

Figure E-2. Portmaster unit configuration

set sysname example
set password PASSWORD
set ether0 address
set ether0 netmask
set ether0 broadcast high
set gateway
set namesvc dns
set nameserver
save all

Now configure each serial port of the terminal server, as shown in Figure E-3.

Figure E-3. Portmaster port configuration

set s0 service_device telnet 2000
set s0 device
reset s0
set s1 service_device telnet 2001
set s1 device
reset s1set s29 service_device telnet 2029
set s29 device
reset s29
save all

To connect to serial port 0 enter the command telnet example 2000. Use the associated TCP port number to connect to telnet to the other serial devices.

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