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18. Compiling a kernel

If you have already compiled a kernel on x86 architecture there is just a little difference when you wish to compile a kernel on SPARC architecture.

you do not type

#make zImage
#make modules
#make modules_install

#make vmlinux
#make modules
#make modules_install

More information can be found on Then, from the Ultralinux's FAQ the following steps are :
  • 1.Copy linux/ to your bootfile directory (eg. /boot), and rename this file to<kernel-version>

  • 2.Copy linux/vmlinux to your bootfile directory, and rename this file to

  • 3.Edit /etc/silo.conf, and add your new kernel to this file.
  • 4.Reboot your machine.

If you have trouble compiling your kernel, maybe it needs to be pached. There are many patches floating around on the net. There exists a website that put some of them online on a regular basis both for the stable and unstable branches, up to the 2.6.x kernel series. Those patches apply to the hardware used by the site's owner and this should be considered as a very good starting point to be adapted to your hardware. More information can be found at You can also email the site's owner, Rob Radez : <> If you are unfamiliar with paches he also made them available as debian packages.

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