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4. SPARC based laptops

There exists SPARC based, laptops.

They are not very widespread but, they are actually very good SPARC workstations.

  • SparcBook 1:
  • SparcBook 2:
  • Tadpole SparcBook 3GX: This is a 100Mhz MicroSPARC II (TI) with a Weitek P9100 frame buffer and a screen resolution of 800x600. GNU/Linux runs on it The PCMCIA, internal modem and power management are not supported at the time of this writing.
For more information about the SPARCBooks there exists a SPARCBook FAQ, you can read it at

There exists a Linux Mobile Guide that provides you with the needed informations about GNU/Linux on laptops. You can read it there:

Today there are some manufacturers of SPARC based laptops. You can access their websites at

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