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9. Tatung's SPARC Servers

GNU/Linux runs on the following servers from this manufacturer:

  • COMPServer 1U: TWS 1101R and TWS 1102R : These are single 500Mhz UltraSPARC IIe servers.
  • COMPServer 2U: TWS 1200R: This is a single 500Mhz UltraSPARC IIe server.
  • COMPServer U4MP: This is a quad 450/480 Mhz UltraSPARC II server.
  • COMPServer U4MP-R: This is the rackable U4MP CompServer.
  • COMPServer U60SR: This is a dual 450 Mhz UltraSPARC II rackable Server.

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