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5. The wonderful SparcStation Voyager

Nearly ten years ago in 1994, Sun microsystems introduced the SPARCStation Voyager (ss240). This computer was a Sun4m architecture, powered by a microSPARC II processor. It is a very compact computer, behing a hybrid between a desktop and a Laptop. It has the footprint of a very compact workstation with a builtin color LCD display, PCMCIA and InfraRed ports with a 2"5 SCSI harddrive. I have seen one at the CCC in Berlin, runing Debian GNU/Linux but the InfraRed and PCMCIA ports are not supported. Its datasheet is actually very impressive:

  • 60 Mhz microSPARC
  • up to 80MB RAM
  • up to 810MB fast SCSI 2 Harddrive
  • 5.5 by 14.5 footprint
  • 12" 1024x768x8 color LCD or 14" monochrome or 14" display in 1152x900
  • Ethernet 10 display
  • storage temperature -25C to 60C
  • operating temperature 0C to 40C

More information about this computer can be found on Sun's website at:

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