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25. Thanks and Credits.

25.1 Thanks.

Among the many people who showed me how great Unix and the Unix computers can be, some people have earned a special place I would like to thank them:

  • My "Vieux matou" Michel Fiolet. Who gave me my first acount on a real Unix machine, and took the time to answer my questions, showing me among other things how to take advantage of the hardware's feature.
  • Nathalie Sabbah. Who was always able to guess at the speed of light what went wrong and fixed it on the fly. And took time to install the tools I needed.
  • Yves Daignaux. Who among other things always welcomed my questions, and whose office was always open even late in the evening.
Both of them beeing real Sysadmin and teachers from the trenches, have a very deep knowledge and understanding of both the Hardware and Software.

Also many thanks to "old crocodile" virgile for the time he spent at the library helping me to get the big picture.

25.2 Credits.

Some people gave a lot of time and ressource to help me with this project, hereafeter is their names sorted by alphabetic order:

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