5.10. Testing MASQ functionality with DNS resolution

  • Step Ten: Testing MASQ functionality with DNS resolution

    Now try TELNETing to a remote machine by DNS name (i.e. "telnet metalab.unc.edu" (IP address If this works, the output should look like something below. With this test, this shows that UDP-based DNS is working fine.

    masq-client# telnet MetaLab.unc.edu
    Connected to
    Escape character is '^]'.
    SunOS 5.7
    ******************** Welcome to MetaLab.unc.edu *******************
     To login to MetaLab as a user, connect to login.metalab.unc.edu.
               This machine does not allow public telnet logins.
    login: Connection closed by foreign host.

    If this did not work, but Step EIGHT did work, make sure that you have one or more valid DNS servers configured on each of the MASQ CLIENT computer(s) as shown in Chapter 4. Please note that these DNS servers will typically be your ISP's DNS servers and NOT your local MASQ server. Some people might later choose to setup their OWN DNS servers but this is beyond the scope of this HOWTO.

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